1 Bayview Crescent, Killiney, Co. Dublin (- 105k; - 31%)

was €335k

now €230k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/406974

Does anyone have experience of this area? The prices seem a hell of a lot lower than the rest of Killiney and there seems to be a few for sale within close proximity to each other.

think they’re quite close to some council estates in ballybrack also a good bit away from any shops but near beach and DART.

Bayview was always considered the quintessential “starter home”. I think of Bayview prices as the standard for SCD, kind of like the Big Mac Index for international prices. Some have been extended over the years, though, so not all identical like they used to be.

Bayview is not Killiney, it’s Shanganagh. It’s closer to Shanganagh cliffs/Rathsallagh than either Bally Brack village or Killiney.

Killiney is a bit of a vampire squid, but Bayview’s postal address is most definitely Killiney.

This is a huge price drop from what this estate used to command during the bubble. It’s similar in that respect to Ballinclea Heights, also in Killiney (though in a nicer area), which has experienced maybe a 66% drop from peak.

The estate is nice…though I believe many houses have been rented out in recent months, which seems odd for such a settled area. It’s proximity to Shanganagh Cliffs is a problem, some hoodie types swagger through the estate, but I think all told, it is a nice place to live.

I would imagine that rents of €1200 are achieveable for 3 beds, so €250k would be near value, maybe a bit more to go.

3 beds in this estate had asking prices of €530k in 2008
irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … &Site=daft

…so are parts of, believe it or not, Rochestown and cul de sacs in the Bally Brack area and village, that doesn’t mean they are situated in what is originally/properly thought of as Killiney. Bayview is closer to Shankill/Bally Brack than Killiney -which is really just a hill/golf course surrounded by Bally Brack, Dalkey and Shankill- Killiney was a ‘growing’ postal zone/address during the boom years; plenty of idiots bought into that over-inflated sham judging by the current exodus

Another drop to 225K

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/406974

This house is V close to another 3 bed asking €315,000…maybe the bars on one of the back windows of No. 1 indicate some reason why :neutral_face: .

Oh dear… good spot - somehow I doubt their just a decorative feature!

Certainly a consideration but some people put these up after a one off local burglary so delve a bit deeper it may be depressing the price but not for any reason that you would worry about.