1 bed, Lansdowne Place, Lansdowne Road, Ballsbridge (-400, -10%)



Quite a bit of building activity now in this development. No harm in them dropping the price if they want to get it let before the additional supply comes on.

€3,600 Nov 26

€3,800 Nov 02

€4,000 Sep 21


I wonder what their plan is? If someone won’t/can’t pay €4,000 a month, they won’t / can’t pay €3,600 a month.

Getting them primed for those long-term lease agreement money?


I think this might be different to the likes of One Ballsbridge around the corner from it. There they have been content to let it remain empty while looking for batshit crazy rents. This person has now dropped the price twice in a relatively short space of time. I agree with you that it is still far far too expensive.