1 bed, Merrion Road, Dublin 4 (-350, -18%)

€1,750 Jul 12

€1,850 Jul 04

€2,000 Jul 03

Now 1695

Was not to long ago many on the pin would have considered 1700 Eur a crazy amount for a 3 bed house in D4

My memory is that a typical 3 bed in D4 was renting for around 2K even 15 years ago. When did anyone here think 1700 was excessive.

In 2011 it was possible to rent a 3 bed in D4 for 1200-1400 EUR per month.

Yeah well they’ve probably imported 500,000 people since then, many of whom are teased by the possibility of working in Docklands MNCs, so that increase in demand will do that to prices. Nothing that hasn’t been seen before.

In 2011, the average monthly rent for a 3 bed semi in D4 was 1854.10 Euro.

Good luck if you found anything 3 bed in D4 for 1,200.

Not forgetting that, contrary to the popular image, D4 is a very diverse area: everything from the most expensive residential roads in Ireland and large areas of social housing.


Another €45 lobbed off