1 Cairnbrook Avenue, Carrickmines (-405k, -31%)

Was 1.3m, 1.1m

Now 895k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/100724

all these houses appear to be empty still
4 years later -built 2008

sherryfitz.ie/resi/buy/5-bed … -6-Bed-Det-Carrickmines-Dublin-18-devpropdetail.aspx?id=312694&ST=6&pc=1

They are the ones, “Adjacent to Foxrock” allegedly. Definely paranormal activity, instead of moving statues we now have moving avenues.
Funny the pin had a spaz out when a Sherry Fitz link is posted 8)
Visited a friend in the apartments nearby and took a spin past for posterity
Friend living in the apartment came close to buying one
Entrance is terrible

Other side of m50 is nicer …

I drove around this development last week and it appears that every house is being lived in. Could it be that they are all rented out? I have looked at the price register and I cant see any evidence of sales prices. Am I looking in the wrong place?

propertypriceregister.ie/web … r=4&Query=[address]=cairnbrook,%20carrickmines%20AND%20[dc_county]=%22Dublin%22&County=Dublin&Year=&StartMonth=&EndMonth=&Address=cairnbrook,%20carrickmines

Only 11/02/2011 €616,740.00 51 Cairnbrick Avenue, Glenamuck Rd, Carrickmines, Dublin
Is that one of the houses? I can’t see a number 51 on the development plan. I see several of the apartments went for sub 200K so I am not convinced that it is an apartment.

9 is type G – 10500K 3636 square feet (myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/1748632)

8 is Type F - 795K , 2734 square feet (myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/100260)

1 is Type E - 895K, for 3369 square feet (myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/100724)

Does that look anything like value? I have no idea.

newlyn.ie/downloads/Home/DEV … 87243b.pdf

If I compare Cairnbrook with the most similar development I can find, and I am not familiar with the area at all;


These are also new houses in Carrickmines - but on the other side of the M50? I have been looking at the price register and number 11 Clairmont is a Type E – 2500 Square feet, it sold for 638,745 euros last July. That appears to be similar spec and size to Type F in Cairnbrook that they are looking for 795 for.

The prices in Claremont have been all over the place;

No 4., Type D, Claremont is 2200 sq ft, went for 792 K euros on 23.7.10
No 1., Type D, Claremont is 2200 sq ft, went for 700 K euros on 01.1.12

No 15., Type E, Claremont is 2500 sq ft, went for 907 K euros on 21.5.10
No 11., Type E, Claremont is 2500 sq ft, went for 638 K euros on 04.7.12
No 10., Type E, Claremont is 2500 sq ft, went for 894 K euros on 06.12.12!

I am wondering how much a Type E in Cairnbrook would actually sell for. Any ideas?

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€700k would be reasonable considering the prices in Claremont.

Not really comparable. Carrickmines has effectively been sliced in two by the M50. Claremont is a relatively small development on the border of Foxrock, completely surrounded by long-established housing in a mature area. Cairnbrook, much futher away is a development on a part of the Glenamuck Road that has a patchwork of Celtic Tiger developments, mainly apartments that, even now look out of place, in what is a semi-rural location. There is so much green space around Cairnbrook that future development is certain - though what kind of development is the question. (Try comparing the walk from Claremont to the Tram station at Carrickmines with the walk from Cairnbrook to Ballyogan - two different worlds!)

So Hifi, are you saying 700k is too much? How much would you suggest?

Wasn’t really commenting on price but on the comparison between Cairnbrook and Claremont which in my opinion are worlds apart - even though they both carry a Carrickmines address. The latter is in a mature location while the former is in an area which is currently in a state of flux, and which will have an unfinished look about it for a long time to come. It’s also quite windswept and exposed - wouldn’t fancy having to walk down towards the M50 or tram station in this kind of weather.

(When I moved nearby in the late 1990’s the Glenamuck Road was a lovely, semi-rural road with very nice houses, mostly on large sites, stretching unbroken, all the way from the Brighton Road/Brennanstown Road junction, up to the Golden Ball pub. The arrival of the M50 and the major junction with its three large roundabouts - plus the new developments completely changed the character of the area…)

As it happens - I’m popping up to Woodies in Carrickmines this afternoon - will take a look in at Cairnbrook again!)

Thanks Hifi,

Actually, a semi rural location actually appeals to me. I was looking at the houses in Eagle Valley, Enniskerry, but the houses I looked at there were dated and I would prefer to avoid spending time on new kitchens and bathrooms, floors etc. Claremont is a bit too central for me.

Edit due to typo

It’s the extra 100 sq. metres in Cairnbrook that may balance things up.

Actually, you are right, make that €650k.

Thanks Superfurryanimal.

Actually Hifi,

I am wondering, with so many ghost developments about, and emigration on the rise, how likely it is for further development around Cairnbrook over he next 20 years.

Perhaps Enniskerry is the spot to aim for afterall?

Bea, can’t really answer your question - I don’t think there are many, if any, ghost developments in the area (apartments aside and those are mainly in Sandyford.) If you look at the DLR County Development Plan below (use the zoom) you will note that the entire Glenamuck Road, beyond the M50 is to be developed as residential (apart from The Park, which is already commercial/retail/office) What kind of residential - who knows? … ewer.aspx#
(I’m not a total expert on the area but I’m five minutes walk from Claremont and five minutes drive from Cairnbrook…my own personal opinion and gut feeling is, that it willl take years and years for Glenamuck Road to finally settle down, development-wise. I also think there’s a chance that at least some of this area will be rezoned back to amenity/agricultural. Only time will tell - but there is always a risk in buying in an area surrounded with so much potential development land!)

Enniskerry is lovely and a proper village too!

Thanks Hifi,

My son prefers Enniskerry too. I am just terrified of dealing with builders, again. I was trying to avoid another project. Nevermind.


Number 4 Cairnbrook sold on 1-11-13 for €835k

No 4 is Type E, was asking 895K, for 3369 square feet (myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/100724)

Actually, No 4 Cairnbrook is on the property price register at 735,683!

Looks like it was adjusted for VAT. €835,000 / 1.135 = €735,683

This version of the property register, unlike most others, shows both VAT-inclusive and VAT-exclusive prices for new builds
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-85826/

Holy hell. Why would they not include the full paid price on a register?