1 Castle Avenue, Churchtown (-4345k, -79%)

Was €5.5m


Now €5m


Still 5m. The owner already off-loaded part of their garden, presumably for a tidy sum.

ireland.com/newspaper/proper … 91768.html

Those houses are still for sale


I know this place as I grew up around there, this whole place went up for sale around 1993 for about 465,000 punts. It was an old regular sized house on the most beautiful couple of acres beside the golf course. There were fruit trees and large Oaks about the place. It was very unique, been there for years.

I always wondered what the new owners would do…they destroyed one of the nicest houses in the area and now cant sell the modern stuff that they built.

That’s a shame, it’s happened all too often recently.

Amazingly, the new houses have increased in price. The asking prices for these seem more suited to the original house, with grounds intact.

2.95m in April

Now 3.5m each

The cheapest of these is now listed at 2.5 million.


Property bee says

10th Jun 2008

* Price changed: from 'From €2,950,000' to 'Excess €2,500,000'

5th Jun 2008

* Initial entry found.

Now 2.2 million

Will a 1% discount on this property entice anybody to part with €4,950,000?

10 October 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Price on Application’ to ‘Region €4,950,000’ [Found by murrayb]
21 August 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Region €5,000,000’ to ‘Price on Application’

I have my doubts! :angry:

Back to “Price on Application” now

The four houses in the (former) back garden are being tracked at

Finally number 1 this has taken a chunky drop to 3.2million.

Still have my doubts it will sell soon.

Overall drop now 2,300k or 42%

myhome.ie/residential/search … LMRX337732

Now 2.75m on the EA website


50% drop

Now 2.5mil


Overall drop 3mil (55%)

Sounds like a big drop, however I can see further drops required.

As for the 4 detached houses built on the original land, they are currently asking 1.95


Now €1.85M:myhome.ie/390831

So now 100k less than the new houses which are 20% smaller, have no garage and only have a postage stamp of a back garden compared to half an acre!

Same estate agent selling the lot - the mind boggles (unless the new houses are also due a big big drop).

This one went for €1.155M (per the property register) - seems kinda reasonable if you have the dough

they actually have a big SOLD OUT sign outside these now - only 4+ years later ffs.