1 Eaton Square, Monkstown, Co. Dublin

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1614062

This property has had a listing for a while now. However, I find it hard to secure a viewing. Has anyone had success in viewing this property?

What thoughts are there about it? Do you think the owner is having second thoughts and therefore instructed the agent to turn away potential purchasers? Does that happen very often?

typical shitty EA service IMHO. I emailed though myhome last week to ask an EA about any forthcoming viewings for a house in D14 thats been on the market over a year…no reply thus far :sick:

At that price, it may not ‘actually’ be for sale. I’m not joking.

If a price is too high an EA can effectively ignore it, as it’s nothing but a time-waster.

I don’t know what the story is in this case but I’ve lost count of the number of EA’s who don’t bother to reply. I even left a serious offer on a place once and they didn’t get back to me.

Does anybody ever write to the houseowners to let them know that the EA is not doing much, if anything, to sell their house?

I know sb who had his house up for sale with an agent and he didn’t even get a viewing for months. Then he bumped into an acquaintance who was able to tell him that his EA has been telling interested parties that the house was not available for viewing!!!

An update: Curious to know if anybody has managed to view this place?