1 Friarsland, Clonskeagh


Care to put a price on this in today’s market:


Number 8 which is the mirror image at the other end of the block was asking 850k in May 2017 and is on the PPR with a sale price of 860k two months later. The Residential Property Price Index for DLR has risen about 8 points in the meantime, so it seems a reasonable ask for a 5-bed in D14 (ignoring any fallout from Covid). I’m not a fan of the small footprint and three storeys, but you’d have a nice view of the minaret in the cultural centre opposite.


My observations of Lisney estate agents while house hunting in DLR is that they tend to price the property at / slightly below the price the market can bare. I always found their property listings competitively priced with the PPR often recording the sale as bang on or slightly above. House requires no work, ticks most modern family boxes and is in a highly regarded area. I believe there’s still plenty of mortgage approved people with solid jobs who this would appeal to. I’d be surprised if it went for any less than that.


it will get in or around 850k im sure but thats a tight size for a 5 bed.


I think this was put up in late last year? I would imagine it might be difficult for it to go for much more than asking as I am noticing that the 1m bracket is not really moving (this was also the same pre Covid). There was a (much nicer IMO) place not too far away which as reduced from 1.05M to 950K quite a while ago and it is still sitting there.


Would you be able to share link ? Thanks!


I think main issue here is the site next door (former car wash) which is being developed into 4 storey apartment block.


Nice property 1 mile from Luas stop at Windy Arbour, however, on a very small plot. The apartment block next door will be a big detractor on the value. Given that we are post Covid now and with all bank exemptions pulled it’s likely it won’t achieve that price at all! The mortgage restrictions will kill the 500k plus bracket in Dublin and high end homes 1m+ have been struggling for years. I’d say they’d be lucky to get 800k in this market, more likely will go for 750-800, based mainly on the reduced purchasing power, struggling 1m+ houses that are falling, the small plot and the apartment complex that may be built beside it. However it is a lovely house


Sorry it was 950 previously but now 850.


thanks @beattie.
Deceptively small house, with very little potential to extend due to unusual triangular shape of site. Also, in need of a lot of work - very dated! Can’t see it making 850k.
But it does have lovely character from the front.


I probably should have looked at the other pictures as well :slight_smile: . It does look well from the front but it sounds like they might have to compromise further.


This looks as if it was an original house whose land was divided to create the monstrosity next door and to sell this off at the same time. Neither house is now attractive but it looks like they will make lots of money out of it as the other one sold for 1.1m https://www.propertypriceregister.ie/website/npsra/ppr/npsra-ppr.nsf/eStampUNID/UNID-4ADFB116D06821288025849100478043?OpenDocument


House nextdoor at 1.1m much better but than this one at 850k IMO


FWIW, it sold for €1,250,000 incl. VAT. That equated to €5,862/ sq m based on the size of 220 sq m / 2,368 sq ft.

It wasn’t built on land hived off from neighbouring Dunross, it was a built on a uniquely narrow site formerly occupied by a church hall bought in 2016 for €360k and redeveloped to accommodate that new house.


Thanks - I forgot to include VAT. Didn’t know the history - I must have gone along that road a million times and don’t remember the church hall. The building next door looks like a long brick tube on Google earth and seems likely to overshadow the house in the evening sun.


Interestingly 1 Friarsland is also available to rent right now (ad relisted today and states that it is for a minimum of a year). Doesn’t look like they have taken account of the drop in rents that much either.


Wow, that is so overpriced you’d wonder if it’s real!


The house was rented to five students last year.
Over €800pp.PM.

With ucd across the road it’s no surprise.


Will be an interesting bell weather for the student rental market (assuming it is not sold before the autumn) when the next student year commences. 800pm was probably a reasonable rent for students in the area?


Interesting - didn’t think it would be a candidate for student market.
Do you know if the other houses in this estate rented to students?
Think there are only 8 houses in total…