1 Friarsland, Clonskeagh


I don’t.
I only know that because it was a previous tenant of mine that rented it.
Plenty of 3-5k PM houses rented by students around the area.


I wonder will a few more of these rentals come onto the (selling) market like this one so. I was in Belfield recently and I was blown away by the amount of residential construction going on there. I can’t see as many from China etc coming this year as if there is a second wave you are not going to want to be stuck half way around the world. I guess lots of the construction will be coming on stream for the 21/22 academic year so will reduce the demand for students to rent outside campus.


I think you can write off the next college year.
It’s going to drive a lot of landlords out of the market.
I think house sales will be some what insulated.
Still good demand for good houses in south Dublin.
Apartments will get slaughtered.
You might see 10-15% drop in houses.
Apt’s could be up to 30%.
Bidx1 auction on Thursday.
Apt’s in D1 and south co Dublin selling 25% below market value.


Are these sale prices published ?

I cant see anything on their website




Castleforbes stands out to me.
I sold mine in 2014 for 287
Up around the 400 mark now
That’s a great buy
Rents 2000-2100 for two bed.

Interesting to see two houses
Donnybrook and Stillorgan didn’t get any offers.

3 bed in stocking wood sold recently for 330
Was originally up for 425.


The one in Donnybrook had a guide of 560 (it went up for sale at 650 last October). Does that mean if they had got a bid of 560 they would have accepted it or could they have had a higher reserve?


560 and it was yours.
I went to see it.
Very small, Very dark.
I’ve made enquiries to see if they will accept a lower offer as it didn’t sell.
Dublin is getting bigger.
Place like Donnybrook, mount Merrion, sandymount are not.
Would be a great buy for the future.


Do you have link for the Stocking Wood property for 330k?


What are your views on investor appetite to buy these if rents continue to decrease? I would have thought the likes of Castleforbes would soon be under 2k for a 2 bed. I am seeing very nice places in D4 now almost hitting 2100 so if that goes further down then other places will probably be hit even worse.


That’s the original agent,
Then it went to bidx1

I was sales agreed at 360 and pulled out because they were dragging their heels with the paperwork.


My view is this is short term 1-2 years
Tourism will be back booming in 18 months.
We are still the tech capital of the world.
Yes people will sell cheap.
And rents may fall.
But if you can pick up a bed bed sub 300k in a good area even 1200 a month would be a great return.
15k a year. Stick it in a pension fund and it’s tax free.
5% return per annum tax free.


This seems like much better value than Friarsland