1 Gledswood Close, Clonskeagh (-420k, -46%)

Was 915,000 … cd=1&gl=ie

Now 825,000


Dublin 16??! WTF

I would have thought that getting the post code right was the least you could expect of your EA. :unamused:

Reduced further - now advertised on MyHome at €795,000


Still listed at 915k here…
youngsauctioneers.com/index. … _RefId=924

A year later, 635k
myhome.ie/residential/search … JNEX377446

jesus, that’s a long time to hang around the market - still got some way to fall i reckon - what with a similar house in gledswood park for sale at €540k…that one is mid-terrace though … this one, semi-d… so there should be some difference

… problem is, the one for €540k isnt’ selling either :open_mouth:

However, for the same money you could have a 3-bed former council house in Stillorgan.

Perhaps the IT could start doing “take 5 for 635,000 in Dublin”…

That place in Patrician Villas is madly overpriced. Down the road you buy this 4 bed with 649 asking. Which is also overpriced…

Now 585k

myhome.ie/residential/search … JNEX377446

Thats a total drop of 330k or 36%

Now 565k

myhome.ie/residential/search … JNEX377446

Total drop of 350k or 38%

Sq. Feet: 1065.63 @ €565k

€525 per sq ft

It’s a 3 bed, semi-d and with a sliver of a back garden.

Now €555k:

Would this seriously have sold for 915K at peak???
If so that’s just crazy!
Please remind me again why I moved back here from the U.S.??

We have nicer butter. :mrgreen:

Good point Iguana - except I was able to buy Kerrigold at my local supermarket!!! :slight_smile:
Although getting Nana and Grandad to babysit on a saturday night from 3000 miles away was always a bit of a problem!

Now €535k:

€502 per sq ft so


“bijou kitchen”

Sorry Couldn’t resist!

Howmuch would you rent that for? You are looking at the guts of €2,500 pm for a mortgage. I don’t see it getting within 75% of that.

Now €520k:myhome.ie/114439
That’s -€395k and 43.1%