1 Gulistan Terrace - Sale price?

Anyone know what this sold for?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2619799

Auction AMV 625k

Goodness, now that’s what I call a lovely, honest-to-goodness looking facade. Great proportions, great symmetry, great mix of building elements leaning to the right side of enough, great sense of being just stood there. And South facing rear to boot…

Just add some complimentary gardening.


Altering the layout to shift the bedrooms to lower floor would render it a fine house in an overall sense - that upper floor just begs to be made into the living area. All you would need then is some creative extending to the rear - made to capture the sun heading West - to do it justice whilst handing on something equally fine to the next generation. Cracker house for whoever’s managed to get it.