1 Manor Heath, Marley Grange, Rathfarnham (-205k, -25.8%)

History from Property Bee:


My home has it for 649k!

myhome.ie/residential/search … EPRP400996


Some of the links above don’t seem to work. This one seems to be active:daft.ie/1450539

Also, some of the math seems to be slightly off. I get a reduction of €161k (20.25%)

€634,000 is still a ferociously, eye-poppingly high price.

Shame about rutted and overgrown driveway. Nice area though. Next to Marley Park. According to Fergus Black in today’s Indo (Jan 5th, 2010) there has been a 21.5 p.c. fall in prop prices in Dublin region in past year (2009) while there has been a 45.9 p.c. total drop in Dublin area prices since 2006. This should put a current realistic value on this property of between €507,000 and €520,000.

Now €590k:daft.ie/1450539