1 Months Rain in 1/2 Day 25.10.11 - flooding reports etc

Well another reason I am glad this evening that I don’t now own the house I am currently renting (despite up to now thinking this street was in the top 5 on my ‘like to buy in D.3’ list).
Back garden was 1 foot under, and the water came within about 1/2ft of the back doors. Garage took the hit as the escape route for all the surrounding houses as they all have garage conversions and extensions, and its still running like a river through the garage. Dublin City Councils emergency line was a joke, and I’'m still awaiting sandbags to arrive some hours later.

How do I insert some photos ?

Places like the sweepstakes in Ballsbridge got it from photos I saw earlier. V Bad in Tallaght/Jobstown etc. too.

This doing the rounds at the moment. Dundrum Shopping Centre with 5 foot wall of water coming through the doors. Bottom of the page.
irishtimes.com/newspaper/bre … tml?via=mr


Dublin > *Dubh Linn *(“black pool”)

They couldn’t find the keys for the brand-new flood gates outside the Aviva ( at New Bridge ) . comedy/irony/facepalm.

Wolfe tone Quay closed atm traffic around Parkgate is the stuff of nightmares.

Don’t understand why Wolfe Tone Quay is closed off, I drove through it at 6AM and there was not a drop of water to be seen (apart from in the Liffey).

Three hourse to get home last night, 9:30 to 12:30. Idiot drivers stopping to look at the puddle/talk to the Gardai in Chapelizod.

Either get out first or stay in town. Lesson learned.

The wall has moved 100mm and is unstable. That’s according to someone talking on Morning Ireland.

My 15 year old daughter thinks it’s the end of the world as she knows it, after seeing those pics! (Life just wouldn’t be worth living for her and her friends without those weekly trips to Dundrum!)

Harold’s cross was pretty badly flooded. Kimmage road had about 2 feet of water in places. As were houses on Mount Argus road. Some of residents had to leave. Some of the houses in church park were flooded too.

I left the city at 5.30 pm and got home at 9.00 pm.

Okay, it was exceptional rain…


as a daily commuter for the past 10 million years on the N7 - Naas dual carriageway - I could count the number of times I have seen anyone from the Garda Traffic Unit on it.

Extraordinary, but we’re used to the extraordinary in this failed state.

When i am planning a new forest somewhere, I check out the old 1902 OS maps drawn up by the Brits.

If an area of ground has written across it “Liable to flooding” I stay away from it. Im pretty sure the County Councils have access to these maps.

A little glib i know, the damage has been done long ago in the large urban centres, but new planning for a shopping centre just outside Carrick-on=Shannon was given about ten years ago. All the locals scratched their heads as it was a known swamp/flood plain. 8 years later the entire complex was under water for a week.

Deansgrange Cross Businesses and cottages likely flooded from what I could see last night.

Count yourselves lucky, this is very sad


And the young Garda swept away in Wicklow.

Never thought I’d see stuff like this happening here. Awful.

It called corruption
FF and FG mainly
Lab and anyone else when they get elected
Think the only people not in favour of building on flood plains are the Former Green party

What I would like to know is was it legal for the landlord where the lady died to bar up the windows. Was there a fire escape apart from the door she couldn’t open and is this an accident somewhere else in the city waiting to repeat itself.

When I heard this I thought it may be the end of the slum lords IF the “authorities” get the finger out. In my travels I’ve seen bedrooms with no windows :open_mouth:

Not to make light of the tragedy but the garbage compactor in Star Wars comes to mind. Horrible stuff.