1 Mount Argus View, Harold Cross, Dublin 6

Is this for Real??

1 Mount Argus View, Dublin 6W
Sold for 310k in June 2012:
myhome.ie/priceregister/1-mo … lin-6-8373
Went on the market around Sept asking for 525k:

Now back up looking for 610k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2833628

Sadly probably yes, I rent in the same estate further in the back.
The one thing I will say is that when it was sold initially it was in bad enough nic, they seemed to do a lot of renovation and they paved the front and cut out half a forest that was in the very large garden.
I am guessing the hilarious price is for the +SITE they have listed that comes with planning, so it’s house +large enough site.

Still a big jump in price, I would predict a wall being up and the house and site sold separately as I don’t think it will move at that price.

I’m no tax expert but if they split the sale one part would be subject to CGT although I’m sure that won’t stop some small developers making offers for the site only.

price drop to 595k today

I was going to post about this before I searched for the thread. Glad to hear the house was actually done up since selling for 310k in 2012, to some way justify the doubling of the price. Any guesses on a WIW? I’d love one of those houses in mount argus but not at that price!!

That’s one of the best houses on the road, it’s 4 beds and 1300 sq ft so a comparable house in Harold’s Cross would easily fetch 600k in the current market. Throw in a potential site and it will sell easily imo

It’s been on for a few months now and showing no sign of shifting. I wouldn’t be as enthusiastic as you are in terms of ‘best house on the road’ or that 1,300 sq ft is great

1,300 sq ft is above average imo, especially so close to town. Detached houses also attract a premium, again, pretty rare in Harold’s Cross

sale agreed

Sold for 595k according to the PPR on 15/12 and I noticed today that the builders have already moved in on the site and have their perimeter fence up!

It was really just priced for builders. If house prices dip in 2015, or even stall, then this may have been a bad buy.

Oh lord… Madness

Per PPR 1 & 1A sold for 595k back in December

NO 1 is back on minus the garden asking 625!

That’s really taking the piss. Anyone who buys that close to the price paid for it and the site needs their head examined. If this sells close to that…: I think I am officially out. I know some people keep saying the market is mad but that would be the nail in the coffin for me.

Edit: we should get loads of pinners to swarm the viewing… And then lowball!! I’ll start offering 300, next person 302k :stuck_out_tongue:

You boys beat me to it…just saw this on myhome.

Am genuinely shocked by this. Those Mt Argus houses aren’t worth 400k, never mind 600k+.
This will be the flip of flips if it manages to go through…lets hope the more sensible amongst us aren’t paying for this one when the next crash comes and the inevitable talk about ‘people just wanted to put a roof over their heads’ talk is being shat out again

5% or 30k fall…now at 595k. Still a long way to go before anyone sane should bite

There’s a bunch of these mount argus ones up now, number 1, 2, 4 and 5 although I think 2 is around the corner. Most of them look empty. I wonder did a developer still own them? How long is this estate here?

We drove through this estate yesterday out of interest as I think there are four houses for sale there now. No. 1 M.A, View is the most ‘done up’ but interesting to compare against the others - do you really want to pay 100k more for someone else’s taste in a house like that?

Anyway, after driving around yesterday I think it’s out for us as a consideration. I’d be interested to know what other people’s experiences of this place are as to me it looked like a problem estate. There are a number of houses for sale (3 on the view alone - I think nos 1 3 and 4 which begs the question, what’s wrong with the neighbours?). Hardly any looked like owner occupied houses and looked ‘low-rent’ to me e.g. students. Dirty net curtains in a number of houses, poorly or unmaintained gardens, a car parked on the grass in one garden, windows with a lot of ‘stuff’ on view like two houses with large collections of empty drink bottles, one with a load of what looked like catering tins of food, laundry baskets etc. etc. Front doors that were scratched and unpainted/ varnished seemingly for years, tiles missing from the decorative panels on the front of many of the houses (build quality questions?). It was disappointing to be honest as it’s a handy area - close to the city centre and close to some really nice areas in Dublin 6 etc.

If I were seriously thinking about buying there (which I’m not now), I’d ring the local garda station and ask about it and I’d also do a drive around by day and on a Saturday night or two just to see if there are loud parties. It just really looked like an estate that had unfortunately fallen prey to too many landlords who just don’t give a sh**.

Walk through their most days.
Quiet estate, never heard of any trouble. But it is mainly rented as they are essentially small houses, crammed into a small site.

Well, hopefully people who care more will buy the ones that are for sale and it will gradually start to improve. I’m possibly being a bit harsh but it just looked a little like student-/bad-landlord-ville to me.

I know the estate quite well, it looks like houses sold in the last couple of years were purchased by people (early 30s) who live there now. In the part of the estate I know, it is 70 % owner-occupier / 30% rentals, mainly rented by young professionals sharing. But you are right, some landlords did not bother maintaining their property correctly, house were built in the early 90s, and I ll say some front doors have not been varnished since then! Rent is about 1500- 2000 euros / month, not that cheap…
From what I know, it is a quiet estate even on a Saturday night, no sign of anti-social behaviors, only thing I noticed was some youngsters drinking cans in the park near the church.