1 Mount Argus View, Harold Cross, Dublin 6

625k → 545k (-80k)
daft.ie/sales/1-mount-argus- … n/1038260/
Detached House|4 Beds|3 Baths
123 Sq. Metres (1,324 Sq. Feet), €411/sq ft

I have daft alerts for this and a few houses like it.

Widespread, appreciable price drops over the last six weeks or so…

Reckon it will go under 500?

Hey look you can try it out… daft.ie/lettings/mount-argus … n/1560105/

for 3250 a month!!!

3250/month, down from 3500. Not even a short-term let either. Minimum one year. WTF? :unamused:

3,250 for 2 x doubles and 2 x singles!!! I sure am glad I bought during the Celtic Tiger and missed out on the 2013-2016+ Mental Rental bubble in Dublin!!!

Also, only a D2 despite being a new build (or was it a major refurb?). Very shoddy that

This is back on the market @ €495k viewing this Sat if anybody is interested
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/3103088

Sold for 530k!!! per the register on 1st July

I didn’t go to the viewing but had a look at the outside and what the Mason ad didn’t show was the detached house built in the side garden, its very crammed in you are sharing a drive way with your neighbours and neighbours house doesn’t have much room for parking.
next door is up on daft for rent €4250
daft.ie/dublin/houses-for-re … n-1654922/

That’s mental. Who has €4250 to pay in rent and wants to live there. Madness

I’m renting nearby to this house. Its more Kimmage than Harolds Cross really. Definitely wouldnt be paying that sort of money for a place that has the Stone Boat as my nearest pub.

Well the rent he was looking for dropped to 3,250 per month (!!!) and presumably he couldn’t even get that or had a change of heart as it’s now for sale at just short of 700k.

myhome.ie/residential/broch … 6w/3811398

Actually not bad value for a new build on a per sq ft basis (esp compared with recent sales prices in the estate for the red-brick fronted houses) however the layout seems a bit strange (more suited to renters sharing) with very small bedrooms and no main bathroom on the second floor. So it will be interesting to see what it goes for in the end…

How many bathrooms do you want?

Exactly, Mad! Clearly built to be rented hence why a family wanting to buy might realistically want to make some big changes and what investor would realistically buy that at current yields when they could get 4 decent 1 beds in the city centre and pull in 5-6k gross rent.

However ultimately it’s a 5 bed 2000sqft detached house in Harolds Cross so it will definitely sell close to if not over the asking in my opinion although it might take a while.

I wish you luck buying 4 decent 1 beds for 700k in city centre

I have no interest in buying 1 bed apts I can assure you but you can get decent (to rent) 1 bed apartments in parts of D8 (for example) for around 150-170k bringing in anywhere from 950-1350 per month in rent.

TO BUY (1 beds in D8 < 175k)

myhome.ie/residential/dubli … t%20Recent

TO RENT (1 beds in D8 900-1300 per mth)

daft.ie/dublin-city/apartmen … rce=rental

You said city centre – dublin 8 is not what I would call the city centre

Parts of D8 are pretty much the city centre; Christchurch, much of Temple Bar, etc. Of course, the linked rentals aren’t on those areas.

And… the point still stands! So it will be interesting if they get their asking on this or if it goes back on the rental market for a while, like no 1 beside it did for a year.

This house sold for 530k 1/7/16
propertypriceregister.ie/We … enDocument

Now 2 double rooms for rent with the new owners at €750 and €650 per month
daft.ie/dublin/house-share/h … in-938306/
That should cover half the mortgage or more?