1 Old Bridge Road, Templeogue, Dublin 16 - then and now

2011 - extended by 600 sq ft (badly imo for a family home) - asking €695K

2002 - €380K
tribune.ie/archive/article/ … empleogue/

now asking 595K

One of many rough rules of thumb I use is that houses on today’s market should be back at their 2001 price at most. Even if the €380k 2002 price was pre-extension/renovation (couldn’t check as Tribue link is currently down) then €595k price is trying to ask €215k for the extension job, on top of the price the house would fetched in '02. Seems very expensive to me. But then I don’t know the Templeogue area well at all.

I am from just the other side of the Bridge, on Cypress Grove Road. I know this house. It has had a lot of good quality work done to it. However, it is facing on to a VERY busy road. One of the few crossing points on the Dodder in the area, and the building of the other bridge at the Spawell Roundabout has not taken the traffic down (recession did that all on it’s own, but it is still busy). Also, back garden is facing the wrong way. I think it is over valued, but I tell my parents that all houses in the country are currently over valued. Seems to fall on deaf ears.

  • new stairs - not child friendly

  • remove decking and pebbles and re-grass the back - not child friendly

  • that oval bath - not child friendly, every night leaning over that = broken back

  • new flooring in hall and sittingroom - just too dark for my taste

  • would you be allowed to build over the right hand side, to build a room out over that to add a fourth bedroom

they would want to take down those big branches of that giant tree leaning over the house as well, next door.

Design /layout is all wrong. A pity.

what do you think they should have done?

i think the extension of the kitchen is nice, however they missed an opportunity with the front part

they should have extended out over the front and had a playroom or children’s TV room rather than bedroom downstairs

i wouldn’t have changed much else

there is a lot of fiddly faddly cluttery things that make the house look smaller

now asking 575K


That’s nearby, but I’ve never taken notice of it. Looks nice, but the roads there are too busy, not really suitable if a family has younger children, and/or pets. I really don’t like that decking (or any decking for that matter) and gravel front garden. Grass is always better, most definitely so with children. Also the interior now looks something modish from five years ago really. A family without young children and extra cars might get a lot out of it, but the price needs to fall to 4 hundred and something.

Fall to 400 and something? maybe it should but you know it wont.