1 Park Close Gilford Road Sandymount

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Saw this one popping up today, sq footage seems good, am thinking that it could easily become a three bed. Not much of a garden, but for that size in that area at that price it has piqued my interest.

Anyone have any thoughts? I know the front door is practically on the street but have lived around there for several years and know that the roads around there are extremely quiet. Any thoughts on the orientation given the size of the windows?

Absolutely re. quiet streets. Houses seem small, but the neighbourhood as you know is great. Nice for a starter or no-kids set-up. Garden is south facing, but onto a high wall - not sure you’ll get much sun…

I viewed this when it was built! As an alternative to an apartment it looks pretty good alright. I don’t know about turning it into a 3 bd though and it’s not one for kids.

Thanks for the feedback… Is the lack of garden the main drawback for a family ? I have. It seen it yet so not sure of the true size but given the proximity to the green/ strand/ Herbert park I think I could live with a tiny outside space … Proximity to work/ primary schools / village are huge pluses for this place.

No, the lack of space is.

103 sqm will get cramped pretty quick. I wouldn’t consider it except as a short-medium term solution if there’s kids involved.

Unless you have deep pockets, I wouldn’t worry about buying this one. I hear that the current bidding is already €100,000+ in excess of the asking price (31% over asking) and I don’t think bidding is even finished at that.

Two issues I’d have with it is it’s situated at a junction, lots of Chelsea Tractors pulling out on a very regular basis. Also, I rented near there for nearly 5 years and if it’s anything like the same construction standards you’ll be getting to know your neighbours very well. Their crying children used to wake me every single morning, without fail. I regularly heard them argue and, ahem, make up. I’d have been a pretty unhappy camper if I had bought that house.

That said, the location, is amazing and no.3 sold for €485k in 2010 or 2011 if memory serves. And Sandymount is selling very quickly for houses at the cheaper (sub 400k) end

You’re right about the green and strand, they’re very convenient, but outside space may be an issue if you’re looking for more than just a space to sit outside in. Even at that, the view is pretty claustrophobic, no?

In terms of square-footage: how many kids, and how tall are you all? My clan of 4 has two 6-footers, and our 2 kids will be at least that, so ceiling height and room size was a serious consideration for us in order to be comfortable, rather than just ‘housed’.

In Sandymount?? The water table is wayyy too high! :wink:

Thanks for all the feedback :slight_smile: Food for thought. We have been casting our net fairly wide to find a house that we compromise least on within our budget, and although this does have a lot of issues other places we have considered have other, different ones. Just need to figure out which ones we can live with. But certainly priced much above the asking would not appeal, I am suprised that is is bidding at 100k over. especially as this is not exactly an ideal family home.

Yea,it would mostly be the cramped living space that would be a no go for me.

I don’t think having parks nearby is adequate compensation for no garden either, you have to bring kids to parks not like just having to open the back door.

According to the EA this went sale agreed at €525 :open_mouth:

F–k me

Ahhhh no, surely not?

I’m sorry, but I point blank refuse to believe that.
A cramped house with a tiny, dark garden and shit parking. A great house at the right price but not over a half a million.

2007 called, it want’s it’s price back.

I really hope you are right.
I would like to buy in the area, 525k would be over my budget and I was hoping to do better than that place :open_mouth:

Unfortunately that’s what the EA said. She also informed me that there is a lack of houses for sale in the good areas.

Well that’s certainly true in Sandymount alright, there is nothing

Which would the pinsters rather have, no. 1 Park Close, or a 3(4) bed semi-d stretching to 1500 sq. ft. Hmmm…

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1 Park Close is fine for a downsizer who wants to live in Sandymount. Its low maintenance and has reasonably good proportions - meaning good master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and dressing room, which would be features more associated with larger homes that people may be accustomed to. Second bedroom is fine for storage and the living spaces are large enough for two people. It was originally a 3 bed, but they converted it to a two bed. I know for a fact that it sold for €1,450,000 in 2005 with a guide of €800k - so it has kept to the trend of hugely exceeding its asking. :wink:
I’m not surprised it made what it did. There are plenty of eejits around handing €500/sqft for dull properties, this one was just underpriced to start with in order to make headlines, I suppose.

I don’t like 36a Beach Road. I’m not keen on that particular part of Sandymount. I’d imagine the owners bought 36 Beach Road in 2006 when it was up for auction guiding €1.4m, and presumably made a lot more. It just looks so cramped from the outside - the front door is strange looking, having no windows either side of it and no porch like all the originals have. The bay window’s reduced size is rather evident also. Having no window on the 1st floor in the area directly above the front door is also totally bizarre and throws off the symmetry. In fairness, I’m sure its better value than 1 Park Close to someone, I’m just not a fan.