1 Pear Tree Field, Carysfort Downs, Blackrock (-550k,-29.1%)

Was 2,300,000

ireland.com/newspaper/proper … ES_25.html

Now 1,750,000 and PRICED TO ENTICE!


EDIT - Oct 8th - unavailable

No. 1 was 2220 sq feet
tribune.ie/archive/article/2 … ree-field/

4 years on, 3 Pear Tree Field is now on sale
1991 sq feet, asking 995k
Still a hefty €500/sq foot

My ass - it’s a half hour walk nearly.

Lovely estate though. Desperate Housewives stuff.

A million is taking the piss though.

Number 5

Irish Independent 6 June 2003
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 15945.html

^^ As someone looking for a house in Blackrock I find that disturbing. :open_mouth:

Is this the type of house or price bracket you are looking for?

It’s the type of house… but not the bracket. :wink:

Never mind - as you pointed out yourself, this house isn’t really in Blackrock anyway!

FYI, this house (I mean 3 Pear Tree Field) was for sale “off the market” for a couple of months earlier this year, and my expectation is that the asking price will drop by or before the time the autumn selling season begins.