1 Richview Park, Dartry (+40%)

Asking 2.5m in 2011
irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … y-1.550825
Sold for 2.05m (correction, including VAT, price was €2.326m)
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-73673/

Now asking 3.25m 8DD
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/3580502
5 Bed Detached House 545.4 m² / 5871 ft² , BER E3
€596/sq ft

If you’re very very rich, and want a nice view, where better to live than “1 Richview Park”?

10/10 for the pun :laughing: :laughing:

Sounds like the kind of place Lord Snooty would have lived, doesn’t it?

Buyer paid VAT on this (as it was a new build), bringing their total purchase price to 2.33m.
Still, the main area of strength in Dublin high-end is for (a) very high-end new builds / re-fits, and (b) prime D6.
In that regard, Richview meets both criteria, and therefore a 40% uplift to a 2012 bottom price is achievable.
It will be the return of the “rich” to Richview 8DD

Do people paying 3.5 million for a house really want one with no garden? I can see that the finish is terribly high end and grand but there is not a blade of grass! They haven’t even bothered to make the outside look attractive with pot plants

It is a relic from the “tiger” when everything was +10m.
They got a small detached 1960s house, at the bottom of the cul-de-sac in a small housing estate in D6 and built this.
You wouldn’t build this standard of house today, on such a small site in such a down-market location, as you could buy better.
It is more like a glorified town-house (2005 style, so its almost 6,000 sq ft), built for entertaining / guests etc. (not kids).
Still, there are so few nearly new high-ends available now, (because Irish banks don’t foreclose), that it will get bid.

Wow. Vast rolling vistas of expensive-looking flooring. It seems to be difficult if not impossible to make the interiors of houses this big look non-ridiculous; you either get the empty look, like this, or the ‘crap hotel’ look, with hundreds of sofas scattered around the place.

It basically looks like a giant office breakout area.

Needs more rugs, carpeting & color. Almost every wall is painted white.

Kitchen doesn’t fill the space either. The wooden island looks lost.

Edit - acknowledging that filling a house valued at €3.25mm is unlikely to ever be a concern of mine. :blush:

Nor mine, but the people who are burdened with it should make more of an effort :slight_smile:

I’m freezing just looking at it despite the A3 ber. It wouldn’t be what I’d spend my lottery win on. Though, to be fair, it would be an excellent house for doing sliding skids in your socks. 8)

I quite like the exterior but the internal layout is a disaster.

I’d love to know what the architect was aiming for.

Sale agreed