1 The Palms, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14

Does anyone have any feedback on any viewing of this house?
I was told before Christmas that the highest offer was 690 and the owners would sell for 700. Current offer is 720. It not the worst buy but still over priced IMO. It needs a lot of work and is located right at a junction within the estate so you have car lights shining in your window at night! Interested to hear any comments at all.

I looked at this house over Christmas and thought that in the current ‘second bubble’ period it looks like pretty good value for money. I struggled with the different levels of the living space which could be solved if you had lots of cash and a good architect but at that stage the bid was 690 and with the money that would be needed to sort it out it was too rich for me. I think the road it lovely and the area is great especially for kids as they grow older - near good schools and UCD. I thought that the garden was actually north not west but actually it was bigger and longer than the pictures suggested. the bottom line is that there is so little supply out there that I am no longer sure of my own judgement and stuff that would have looked poor value a year ago is starting to look ok.

Good Luck !

The different levels put me off big time, my OH didn’t even go upstairs. Fixing that would take an awful lot of money, it would be like completely re-building the extension and leaving it as is I just don’t find the space very useful at all, the kitchen is small and with the different levels there’s no way to extend it.

I agree!!! It’s is very difficult to see what is good value these days! I am now second guessing myself and it feels that there is nothing that appealing out there at the minute!!!

420 per sq foot? And BER F? What is “pretty good value for money” about that, even taking the second bubble into account?

Here is the link anyway:


I think this has been on for a long time. I remember seeing the sign in the second half of last year.

Yes it’s bern on for ages. When I viewed they had no offers at all, zero, and the EA looked quite desperate. He said to my OH as he was walking out, ‘what, no interest, no?’.

Some turnaround. Not surprised thought, the lack of choice out there is appalling. I agree that you loose sight of what represents value.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2620148

Price drop to €725k They have an offer of €710k as of last week and 3 people bidding on it so I’m unsure to what the EA is upto here.

We looked at this house and thought it was nice but was already at 710k and needed work including insulation and rewiring. Also planning permission has just been granted for a halting site around the corner.

I understand that this house was at €830k and rising yesterday.

Has it gone sale agreed?

From sitting at no offers for months on end to getting an offer of €690 and then rising to €830k in a matter of days?

Nice house, nice area but the garden is more W - NW and what ever way you look at it the house requires €100k to 200k depending if a front porch and extension is required.

Yes confirmed sale agreed at €830k.

A bit mad.

In 1986 Dublin County Council prepared a development plan which included proposals for a halting site on the grounds of a property owned by the Marist priests on Bird Avenue. It has never been developed. And there is no planning permission for such a development.

I’m not referring to the site on Bird Avenue but rather the latest development which is where the old DLRCC works site is. It’s opposite the entrance to Deerpark Road and Mount Anville Wood. It’s being talked about for quite some time but is now going ahead this year. It’s not a huge deal but is an issue to be considered.

Wow, the owners have cashed in big time. I thought that was a terrible house.

The buyers must have agreed a little bit of a discount or they brought the furniture :wink:

Sold 30-4-14 for €820k