1 Wilson Road, Mount Merrion (-600k, -36%)

Was 1.65 million … cd=5&gl=ie

Now 1.3 million


On the market since April 2008
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … y32333.asp

Now 1.05 million


Nice gaff.

I’m guessing this gaff will generate a significant Property tax…

The so called 3 gardens (2 patio-d areas and a smallish side grass area) are a disappointment.

4.5K / sqm

This place ,the EAs and the Vendors are the most perfect example of greed and stupidity I have seen in the past year. I viewed same the first weekend it came on the market - early April 2008 - much interest - great photos - but even then many tyre kickers. The agent, bless her naivety ( read stupidity )stood in the doorway and waxed lyrical that 'houses in Mount Merrion had really held their value and how the owners had moved to D4 ( big swinging… ) yadda yadda. I heard her give the spiel to 3 other viewers on that Saturday - got fed up and left - I did point out to her that Colliers hadn’t actually represented a house in Mount Merrion in the past 9 months and that there had been a total of 5 Sales Agreed in the area since January 2008 - 3 of which had fallen through! The Vendors were offered €1million earlier this year and they refused it - obviously monies are now tight in D4 and the likelihood of property tax on both gaffs is looming large - but still this place was, according to the consensus on that day last year, 'way overpriced ’ so has still quite a drop to go before reality bites! I still don’t see any BER rating for it:x

I see it’s Sale Agreed - Prof Moriarty… I presume??? 8)

Not me. That Sale Agreed information has just ruined my wifes evening.
Still, there’s many a slip 'twixt cup and lip.

Would love to know what the agreed price was.
It’s indeed a cavalier purchaser that won’t wait 6 months to (possibly) save 7% (-125k) that is not even going into his property…
I’ve too much respect for 60 odd grand.

did I miss a link? where does it say sale agreed?

Et voilà - myhome.ie/residential/search … SIUX352878

Bungalow Bliss,

5 bed, Sale Agreed 1.05 million, 2500sq ft, no BER, and so €402/sq ft.

BER cert D2 - as in Damn it’s cold in here! - and I bet it didn’t hit the €1million mark