10,000 jobs at risk after Dell reveals plans to quit Ireland

Sorry could not find a link,

According to the The Irish Mail on Sunday, Dell is planning to pull out of Ireland next year,they have informed the Goverment ,IDA, of the there plans ,which could begin in January, Quote ,

Goverment sources confirmed that the Taoiseach ,Enterprise and Employment Minister Mary Coughlan and Defence Minister Wille O Dea have all been informed privately by Dell executives that the company has decided to end its Irish operation.

Whether you like the Mail or not ,the writing is on the wall for Dell opertions in Ireland,

The Daily Mail have put their reputations on the line with this story.

If it turns out to be true, a nuclear bomb has just gone off down in Limerick.

Can somebody find a link?

No link, but have the Mail (there was a free sound of music songs CD - I hadn’t actually opened the paper, honest):
Inside first page:
“10,000 jobs at risk after Dell reveals plans to quit Ireland
Dell is planning to pull out of Ireland next year, the Irish Mail on Sunday can reveal.
The move could lead to the loss of up to 10,000 jobs - 4,400 directly from the company and the remainder from firms whose existence depends on Dell contracts.”
IDA has been told and is drawing up contingency plans.
Many people have been informed (hence all the leaks!).
"Mr O’Dea has been briefed as he is a TD representing Limerick East.
A source close to Mr. O’Dea said: “We understand they will be gone by the end of next year. It’s awful news. We don’t know where the jobs will come from to replace the operation.”

Does anyone else remember last August or September when someone on the 'pin put a post up saying all the bad things that could happen to the Irish economy?

This seems to be a hyping up of old news.

Both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have no recent news on it.

``We have achieved the reduction in headcount,‘’ Michael Dell said when asked whether the company plans more rounds of job cuts, according to Bloomberg on Sept 25th. Contract manufacturing will grow, he said, adding that the company will continue to have its own plants.

It’s very likely that the Limericak plant will close but it’s also very unlikely that a US public company made definitive statement to Irish officals about a major global plan, it’s current working on.

We might as well consolidate the existing industries by transferring them to centres of excellence in Cork/Galway/Dublin. The Limerick project has failed if Dell are gone. UL should be shut down, Shannon airport closed and the city bull-dozed and turned back into farm land.

shocked, thats all i can say.
i am not looking forward to work tomorrow.

is there any more to the story? is it worth my while picking this paper up or is that all the info there is?

Hello finfacts! Welcome aboard!

That’s pretty much all there is.

How is this news?
There have been rumours about Dell pulling out of Limerick for five years.
One big company employing that many people will always cause rumours about them leaving.

They will reorganise their operations at some point.
Whether that means wholly leaving Ireland or hugely reducing the plant in Limerick or whatever, no one knows, not even the top guys at Dell.
Until they announce what is happening and when, why bother.

Any word on their plans for Cherrywood/other non-Limerick related activities ?

To recap its seems to be the Daily Mail making the assertion. We’ll wait and see if there is any confirmaiton.

The WSJ carried a stoy a couple of weeks ago that Dell had decided to pull the plug on Limerick. There is a thread on it somewhere.

I like the idea of bulldozing Limerick though! :nin

It was a story in the Daily Mail :frowning: . We Irish have a song about the Daily Mail and its long held journalistic ‘values’ :frowning:

The Man From The Daily Mail

Now Ireland’s a very funny place, sir

it’s a strange and a troubled land

and the Irish are a very funny race, sir

every girl’s in the Cumann na mBan

Every doggie wears a tri-coloured ribbon tied firmly to its tail

and it wouldn’t be surprising if there’d be another rising,

said the man from the Daily Mail

(Chorus, )

Every bird, upon my word is singing ‘treble! I’m a rebel!’

every hen it’s said is laying hand grenades over there sir! I declare Sir!

And every cock in the farmyard stock crows in triumph for the Gael

and it wouldn’t be surprising if there’d be another rising,

said the man from the Daily Mail

Now the other day I travelled down to Clare, sir

I spied in an old boreen a bunch of busy gooses there, sir

dressed in orange, white and green

They marched to the German goose step as they whistled Grann na bheal

and I’m shakin’ in me shoes as I’m sending out the news,

said the man from the Daily Mail

(Chorus )

Now the whole place is seething with sedition,

it’s Sinn Fein through and through

All the peelers they are joining local units

and the password’s Sinn Fein too

Every doggie wears a tri-coloured ribbon tied firmly to its tail

**and it wouldn’t be surprising if there’d be another rising,

said the man from the Daily Mail**


This is part of a news item from fine gaels website news section can’t do links
Coughlan and O’Dea must clarify contradicting Dell statements - O’Donnell

Ministers say no decision on Dell, Ministers’ sources say Dell is going

Fine Gael Limerick East TD, Kieran O’Donnell has called on Ministers Coughlan and O’Dea to immediately clarify the apparent contradiction between what they said last Wednesday in Limerick to the effect that ‘no decision has yet been made’ on the future of Dell and the report in a Sunday newspaper today quoting Government sources, as well as sources close to Minister O’Dea and IDA Ireland, that Dell are about to quit Ireland.

"There appears to be a complete veil of silence on Dell within Government.

belfasttelegraph.co.uk/break … 93567.html

It includes them all being cut, Limerick & Dublin, according to the Mail starting in January.

these (leaks) artticles from various papers, whether they appeared 1 year ago or today, is preparing the country, workers & public , for the departure of a huge multinational & (not to be the last) company from Ireland, as a country we depend hugely on these big multinationals ,so getting the public mentally prepared for this is going to be very important,as someone posted earlier this is going to be devastating for the local area & beyond.

O’Dea denies reports of imminent Dell closure

06/10/2008 - 07:48:42
Defence Minister Willie O’Dea has denied being informed by Dell executives that the computer giant plans to end its Irish operations early next year.

Reports yesterday claimed the US firm had privately told Mr O’Dea and Tánaiste Mary Coughlan that it planned to wind down the operation in January.

However, the Limerick TD is insisting that the report was untrue and “grossly irresponsible”.

There has been widespread speculation about the closure of Dell’s Raheen facility in recent weeks, leaving 3,000 workers in Limerick concerned about their future.


Better to bring back decentralisation and designate Limerick Ireland’s diplomatic capital. Great housing stock, good setting and links. Property will be for nothing down there.