10 Abbywell, Kinsealy (-30k)

560k … cd=3&gl=ie

550k … cd=1&gl=ie

545k … cd=2&gl=ie


Ah, our old friend…

Well this guy knows which way the market is headed. Interesting that the seller doesn’t leave the property at one price point for too long before cutting . Probably gauging interest after each drop, viewings etc. before repricing accordingly. If this is the cheapest property of this type in that market makes you wonder what happening with the rest?

I ask myself the question; what would I do if I were this guy, assuming he does not want/can’t put in back in the rental sector. Would I go along with the process of dropping a few grand every month or so, or take a chance and reduce by a sizeable amount in an effort to secure a sale now?

Now 530k

plus 10k cashback


How is this 10k cashback supposed to work? The buyer has to pay more stamp duty and then have to pay CAT on the 10k gift surely?

But you can roll it up into the mortgage, which in todays “savvy” Ireland is financial genius! :wink:

Now 520k

€70,000 cheaper for FTB than same house new - beat that!

If this doesn’t go at this price it will be a good indication of the reality that has set in now across the market.


No 4 is also 500k, I wonder who blinked first