10 Carrickmines Avenue, Dublin 18 (-250k, -27%)

space4u.ie/featured_properti … s_Ave.aspx

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/1774154

Note it’s actually 195sq.m (2,109sq.ft), not 829 ft² per top of the ad!

The 829 is actually the size of the (unfinished) extension

Also, the wrong property is highlighted on the satelite pic link - this one is further to the right, on the corner.

I went to the viewing on Saturday last, there is now a list of works that will be completed prior to the sale, including finishing the extension. There was a team of workmen there plasterboarding the ceiling and walls in the extension during the open house - not very well planned by the agents.

So the listed price is for the finished house?

There was a two page letter from a surveyor and it outlined what jobs would be completed prior to sale, can’t remember what was on it, but the boards were up in the extension, there were roof repairs going on, windows being replaced etc. There was a lot of viewers there and there was already a bid of 660k on the table (according to the agent showing the property)

They should take the money and run.

I agree

I went the Saturday before and it was one the worst EA experiences I’ve ever had. The EA didn’t have any brochures or any answers to any questions. Surprised to hear that the extension is to be finished because that certainly wasn’t being said the week I went. Interestingly, the extension is on Google / Bing maps which must mean it’s been there (and unfinished) for a while.

Now under offer at 715k, according to agent today.

It might have been tempting…

… but patience is a virtue that can be richly rewarding.

Sale Agreed:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/1774154

Back on the market asking 775k
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=7 … fr=default

I can’t find a sale record for this for 2012 … did it ever sell ?

The 2013 photos for all but the extension are all as it was in 2012.

Sold for 885k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-91914/