10 Eglinton Park, Donnybrook (-1.205m, -57%)

Was 1.6m in Apr 2006
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … y14695.asp

Was 1.95m in June 2006
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 90758.html

1.5m in May 2008
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 50273.html

Wasn’t this discussed in an other thread?
According to an archive search of the IT it sold in July 06 for 2.1M(No. 6 in the search) to an architect/developer who then drew up plans for a major remodel(No. 5 in the search).
irishtimes.com/search/index. … nge=custom

It’s mentioned on this thread, and probably elsewhere too. It’s been around a while.

I thought it looked familiar alright…

Picked up by property vultures.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-4/124663
That’s a million below the 06 sale price.

Thats gotta hurt.

Back to my usual rant - who had the 1.6m required to buy and finish this?

1.1mln implies 814 per sq ft !!!


The time hounoured practice of adjusting the asking price to allow for the properties potential… after you’ve spent 300k on building works.

Now €895


-58% of original price

Brochure says:

Nonetheless, Eglinton Road is pretty prime D4 and this is an imposing property with an enormous looking back garden. Huge potential to create a very, very fine Dublin semi-d. So I am not surprised it was close on €2m in 2006 and am somewhat shocked it hasn’t cleared above 895k. I think this is quite a bar-setter for Sth Dublin semi-d’s to be honest given one must think they would take €800k at this point.

These guys thought they did:tribune.ie/archive/article/2006/mar/26/trees-house-ripe-for-blooming-gorgeous-renovation-/

Here’s the planning application for 10 Eglinton Park:

That is some refurb with a fair bit of the house being knocked so I would imagine the price would be huge - maybe closer to 500k than most 3 bed refurbs that are in the 100k region.

Anybody else got any ideas on refurb costs reading the detailed planning permission?

It is not as imposing as you think. A v nice road & quiet but the houses are pretty small and close together. I think extending to 3k sq ft would be over egging the site and location.

Price makes no sence whatsoever when you can rent on Ailesbury Road for 2.5~3k per month.

You having a laugh Larry?..it’s not on Eglington road it’s on a side road off Eglington road full of similar bland semi-d’s. I’ve seen it and it’s in rag order (as the ad says - needs full refurb) and is only 1,300 sq feet. The only think that is imposing is the price.

Appears to have vanished - sale agreed or taken off the market??

Panic Over.
Back under a new listing:myhome.ie/219219

Now gone sale agreed:


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-4/219219