10 Knocklyon Drive (Off Ballyroan Rd), Rathfarnham (325>300)

this seems to have bounced back, was on sale last year for 325, apparently had sold for 310 but had a sale agreed sign outside since and reappeared a few weeks ago at 300.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -16/293420
collapso.dyndns.org/JavaHost/ser … ?id=293420

Not a bad location, but just off the Ballyroan Road so might get a bit of traffic noise.
Good long garden, but sun hits the end and it needs a lot of tidying, also internal is very jaded, quite poky, tiny bathroom, needs new windows, new front/back doors and major decor overhaul as well as an odd attic conversion.
The “garage” is also just a very small utility room.

Has a bit of character and if you have the money, you can make quite a nice job of them as you can see from the one around the corner for 400k.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/1708146

However, asking 300, when you might need another 100 to bring it up to spec might be a little rich despite it being Knock-farnham.

the one around the corner has a downstairs extension and pp for upstairs…and boy is it needed upstairs!
the 4th ‘bedroom’ in this one is downstairs and has only a skylight as the window.
i viewed it over 6 months ago, it went sale agreed about 2 months ago but came back on very quickly…been at the 400k mark since day 1

I would’nt pay more than 300k for it to be honest…so that means I’d pay less than 230k for #10

Did someone say Knocklyon? :-GC

Somehow I never noticed before yesterday, but at Junction 12 on the M50, colloquially known as “the Firhouse exit”, Firhouse is very much at second billing on the signs, below Knocklyon. I know they were replacing the signs recently – is this new?

They have to put up a big sign to “Knocklyon” to keep up the pretence that the places they are assigning that name to are actually in “Knocklyon”, (ugly windswept god-forsaken place that it all is :-GC )

Did someone say BlameGame contributing nothing in another thread about Knocklyon?
Grow up child, it’s about time.

Went to school with a guy who lived in one of these houses. Relatively spacious downstairs (for a 3bed) but upstairs is seriously compromised. Don’t think it’s great value when you look at the price of some of the houses elsewhere in Ballyroan.