10 Leinster Road, Rathmines (-100k, -14.3%)

Was 700k, now 600k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2557228

Is this a fake sale? The absence of any additional photos might be understanding if the tenants don’t agree but the absence of any flowery language, attempt at a floor plan or details on rear access would lead me to conclude that they’re not making any real efforts. The price drop suggests otherwise.

And the line:

… It’s not even a redbrick! I think at 600k there might be some interest…

I would in fact have some interest in it myself but would prefer to have further and better particulars before making a trek to see it.

I viewed this house and it’s in bad condition. It’s terrible the conditions that some people live in :frowning:

As you’d expect from Castle, there was no brochure, floor plans or any estimation of how bug the house is. It’s in 10 flats… Would any
Smart folk out there have any idea how big these houses are? 2000 or 3000 square feet?

I would say that the house is about 2200 sq feet.
Is there a return on it ?
There is awful accomodation out there, though we are led to believe that things have improved.

Something fishy about this from beginning to end. “Sale agreed” already?

Bizarre! I had enquired about this place a couple of weeks ago… Got a text last Friday saying there was a (first) viewing Saturday. I couldn’t go as I wasn’t in Dublin. And now it’s sale agreed already?! There’s lots of weird stuff going on out there

I reckon that you need to be up early in the morning to keep up with these guys.
Sale agreed after one viewing…