10 Lower Prince Edward Terrace, Blackrock (-180k, -18.4%)

Was 975k

Now 795k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1472780

That’s a serious drop for a house that only came on the market 11 weeks ago. Smacks of the panic Cheeky Offer was referring to…

See you there, pinsters!

Definitely worth a look on the way to the park with the kids. :wink:

Did anyone go to see this? Is a great looking house in fine location and terrific garden. Would never have expected to see such a class house at a relatively low price.

Didn’t get to see it, would like to… But I have to say, anything that backs onto Brookfield is asking for trouble imo! I had a beautiful house very close to that a while ago, going back about 10 years. I know that’s a long time, but I have been assured by former neighbours that the situation hasn’t changed. Bought terra cotta plant pots, huge and beautiful, full of flowers, smashed in less than 1 hour in front garden. Bricks thru the windows 3 nights in a row when we went away for 5 nights. Replaced windows 3 times that week. Rented it out and tenants had car stolen! Elderly neighbour had front gate superglued together and was genuinely stuck inside, pedestrian access only to her property… One neighbour put lots of barbed wire all around the perimeter of her family home. Just take a walk along the roads running parallel to there behind the house and observe the security measures. James Bond could learn something there

Not sure about the security issues as you don’t get the mews with this house so you wouldn’t need to be too concerned about Brookfield. Price looks ok but this house needs lots of work. Starting with a full refurb of the basement, damp proofing, pouring a new slab. Then theres a full rewire, new central heating, ceilings need to be refurbished if possible upstairs. New kitchen and bathrooms. Not sure about the roof but I guess money could be spent there. So all in all it needs a lot if money spent on it. Wouldn’t say no if I had the cash, lots of potential to turn it intoabeautiful house but deep pockets needed

who in there right mind would pay 795k for this … Savills are bandits when it comes to asking prices.

I agreee, who would pay this kind of money…its a money pit…Savills are on another planet

Just to show I don’t criticise every house, this really is a great looking house in a great area (I can’t comment on security issues). Has anyone actually visited and determined it is a money pit? Interior looks good in the EA pictures and relative to other house prices, the price doesn’t seem bad. There is a house further down the street, same vintage that sold at auction in late 2009 for I believe €745,000 (we were at the auction). That house was a total renovation job and had pigeons flying around the top storey and problems with a sitting tenant. That €745k looks pricey compared with this house.

I think the house you refer to sold at auction for 785k. That house had the full 200ft garden and mews potential (whatever that is worth these days?). It was also substantially bigger at around 4,000 sq feet.

I viewed the house back in July and it needs a lot of work, however best to get a surveyor and builder to go through it.

Open view again this weekend. Might go along and kick the tyres. If you see someone offering them 300k, spitting on his hand, and saying “are we done there boss” - pop over and say hi.

Cheeky Offer - the Pin’s own Mike Brewer. :laughing:

Sale agreed: