10 Merton Walk, Mount St Annes, D6 (-101k, -13.8%)


Was asking 730k now asking 660k:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1829959


You forgot the link to the old price claim of 730K


Price changes are detailed at the bottom of the myhome.ie adds now.

But heres a link to Irish Property Watch if you prefer:

irishpropertywatch.net/viewS … ite=myhome


Now 629k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1829959
176 sqm / 1900 sq ft approx
€331/sq ft


The picture of the garden is possible the most depressing thing I have seen for some time. When I think of my childhood bordering fields.

Please don’t tell me this will make over 350k?


these seem to have been around 1.2m at the peak. However the issue is that the price register might most negatively effect these sort of developments as comparisons now have to be made on price.

The garden does indeed look like a kids prison!!!

Tough position to be in though - staring a loss of 900K or thereabouts in a starter home!


#19 sold 8-8-13 (€542k)


#19 also sold 28-07-2010 for €476k so price up 14% on July 2010 price


Correct me if I’m wrong, but these were well in excess of €1m in 2006/7.


Number 10 and number 19 are totally different properties. Number 19 is a Duplex. Number 10 is a 3-storey terraced house.


True but the properties were built by the same company, are managed by the same company and have the same access to facilities and amenities etc.
Therefore, the price of a 127m2, 4 bed duplex in there should give you a good starting point to estimate what a 163m2, 4 bed semi-d might go for.


8 Merton Walk listed today asking €650k:



@ mr_anderson

No 10, the very house referenced in this thread, was in fact for sale at €1.4m by private treaty in mid-2006, then dropped to €1.25m in late-2006.


Thanks for that.
I honestly thought the peak asking price for this would have been €1m - €1.1m.

Yet again, 2006 asking prices surprise me.


Well at 1700sqft-ish, this would have represented an asking price of about €730/sqft (at €1.25m). Currently asking prices are pushing €500/sqft+ in the area from what I’m seeing, so you’ve got to ask yourself; who are the bigger fools? The people paying €730/sqft in 2006 or the people willingly paying €500+/sqft 6 years or more into this mess.

This neighbouring one came on the market a while ago: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2607056
Within a couple of days, the bidding was seemingly 100k over asking, I have no idea where it is now, but presumably even higher than 100k over asking and therefore around €500/sqft.

This one nearby (not in Mount Saint Annes) at 16 Ramleh Park just came up for 650k for 1206sqft, or €539/sqft.


I presume there is a service charge too? No shortage of idiots in the Dublin market - comfortable in the knowledge that the good times will continue to roll for the professional service firms and tech sector.


Not as high on houses, as they don’t have lifts etc.


You expect me to climb stairs? What am I, a peasant?


Number 8 now Sale Agreed - at over €700k I understand.


1 Milltown Avenue went for €527k (€132k over asking) on 25/10/2013.
For comparison, 23 Milltown Avenue (also a 2 bed) went for €425k on 23/10/2012 so a 24% increase in 1 year