10 months on

Heres something I wrote 10 months ago.
Would like to hear from other EAs, mortgage brokers or indeed anyone associated with property if they consider the situation to have changed at all.

(incidentially, I have been writing similar content since November 2006, but Im too lazy today to go and find them)


Do you think the situation has changed since you wrote that?

Sellers are accepting prices they previously snubbed their noses up to.
Everything else has effectively remained the same.

What discount to asking price was being accepted back then and what is now being accepted.

I assume you are talking about new developments.
Back then about 15% discount was being accepted.
I dont know what it currently is, as I have not been talking to any developers lately.
If I may speculate, the percentage discount may not have changed much since, but the amount of developers who will accept it has.