10 Mountain View Park, Churchtown (-220k,-46.8%)

Previously €449,950

Old link

Now €414,950

New link

Now 394,950


Now region €379,950 (-70K,-15.6%)


This started at 470k according to

That’s big total drop. :astonished:

Now 314,950


Now 299,950


Now 279,950


i know Mountain View has a bad name… but this is a decent sized 3 bed in churchtown/rathfarnham - is there something wrong with this particular house or is it just leading the market down?

Does it have a bad name? In what regard, its a very average lookin gaff but a bit lower and it could be worth looking into for a ftb

it has 3 dodgy cars in the drive way…

True that, i wonder if it would look any better with my lamborghini parked in the driveway :wink:

Does it look like this one?

lambocars.com/hr/tra/tra3.jpg :wink:

get back on topic folks! this thread is for recording price drops and related information about this property

:laughing: No thats a Mark 2, mines a Mark 1. Apologies Property Pin for veering from the topic of Property. Its just that Im a mischievous joker, I cant help myself. I really laughed when I saw that tractor. Nice one!

I said to get back on topic…

So, get back on topic or stop posting on this thread