10 Nashville Road, Howth (-775k, -50%)

Was 1,550,000


Now 1,350,000


Damn, I really like the address… Would probably be cheaper to buy a nice gaff in Nashville… :angry:

Now 1.2 million.

Still a lot of Johnny Cash.

Now 800k

Now €775k and with a new agent.


I’m still in 2 minds between this and Brewery Road in Stillorgan!

I’m considering taking the plunge on Beaver St.

Just have done with and get a Muff dive.

Was sale agreed now with a different agent at 1 million

A price rise? If it didn’t sell at €775k, it’s hardly going to sell for €1m. :unamused: Or am I missing something that only very clever EAs know?

Different houses. God only knows why they’re both no. 10.

1st one - property.ie/property-for-sale/10-Nashville-Road-Howth-Dublin-13/517870/

Shabby with a small garden.

2nd one - daft.ie/1538947

Bigger, fancier, renovated, large garden.

10 Nashville Road just dropped 1.2m -> 1.1m
daft.ie/dublin/houses-for-sa … n-1114305/

Don’t know which one though!