10% of SF elected representatives resign due to bullying


SBP reports Sein Fein deny bullying allegations even though 10% of their councillors/TDs elected since 2013 have resigned the party.


Any reports on who is bullying or what it is over ?


Loads. Depends on whether you trust the reporting of the blueshirt establishment mouthpiece/paper of record.

irishtimes.com/news/politic … -1.3213503


Sein Fein HQ also denied to SBP any knowledge of a letter drop by party members claiming an ex-member and sitting councillor was a peadophile.

Some people have no qualms about destroying a persons good name - especially if they won’t resign their seat upon leaving the party.


The Civil War Parties are always losing councillors who find it more electorally successful to remain independent. It is incredibly common. Likewise left-wing parties are invariably merging and splitting over things that most people couldn’t care less about.

It is only noteworthy in Sinn Fein because discipline and dispute has been kept completely secret until very recently.


Civil War Parties lose councillors due to the fact they are in power and have to make descions. SF don’t have that problem North or South. The bullying of women especially seem to be engrained in the organisation.


Sinn Fein are ‘in power’ on county councils as much as the other pair. They have been ‘in power’ in Stormont since 1998.

They are about to elect a female president and have a female leader in the north. 25 of their 68 elected representatives (37%) are female which is higher than any other party north or south.


Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald (ex FF) exposed by Dessie Ellis. Dossier of abuse and attacks on his reputation force Dessie to admit culture of bullying in North West Dublin.

Constituencies in open warfare now include North West Dublin, Limerick, Wicklow, Kildare, Cork East, Tipperary and Weatmeath.

I wonder what statement central command will issue about Dessie - to quote the dossier “ we know where you live” or you better stay out of Ballymum” maybe these are reserved for more junior members of the party like ”ratface”