10% pay cut at Lisneys

according to this anyway

wonder if this is widespread in the EA world now?

Wow ! :open_mouth:

If true, it’s a big story. Are they letting anyone go aswell I wonder … ?

I’ve been waiting for this.
I can’t believe it too so long. The EA owners must know so little about their markets to have taken this long.

How would these folks get paid? I would have assumed it was a poor basic salary and mostly commission. If only there was something to get the market moving :wink:

It’s surprising that more EA offices haven’t shut. Keeping up appearances maybe.

10%… that’s light given all that’s going on!

I’m not surprised. They believed their own bullshit! My landlords parents are EA’s and he bought at the height of the bubble. Also I know an employee at said EA’s office and she bought a place (over 300,000) around the same time

€15.7m is a big salary roll … :open_mouth:

independent.ie/business/iris … 80102.html





No worries here though…

You forgot a bloated payroll …


I was wondering if the Lisney employees didn’t go on strike. But how could you tell if an agency was on strike these days?

The smell of bullshit seems to subside. :smiling_imp:

average salary of 96k?

That has to include commissions and if you take directors remuneration out of that I think it would shrink considerably.
Wonder what the average will be this year including directors? :open_mouth:

Director’s Remuneration is listed seperately to staff salaries on a profit and loss account so the €96k stands. What is more interesting in the stats is the €15.7m is 40% up on last year, that makes last years €11.2m. Average salary then was €72k. So salaries went up more than 30%! And are now only dropping 10%?

More adjustments on the way methinks

the_capitalist wrote

The 96k would include commissions and would include directors’ pay.

Directors remuneration is included in the staff costs disclosure and is also disclosed seperately in the notes to the accounts for company law purposes.

Tks Grumpy, I stand corrected.

So essentially their average salary went up last year by 9% and now thats been corrected. But the market is down by way more…so more action coming?

Last years salary bill €11.2m. Directors Salaries €2.95m. Overall staff salaries bill €8.25m. Average staff salary €53.5k

This years salary bill €15.7m. Directors Salaries €5.9m. Overall staff salaries €9.8m. Average staff salary €58,333. So up 9%

Directors…sinking ship…grab the silverware…get into life-raft???

It should be possible to guesstimate total industry revenues based on stamp duty receipts.
It should be a relatively stable fixed proportion, hence a directly proportional relationship. -30% SD receipt = -30% agent fees.

Was the drop 10% or “In the region of 10%”?

This is Lisney after all.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

A salary ‘Improvement’ in the region of 10% … !

This deserves some spin headines


The average estate agent working in Ireland is earning 10.0% of their net income compared with a year ago. The Propertypin/IAVI Affordability Index also indicates that affordability will continue to improve throughout the course of 2008…