10 St. Kevin's Park, Stillorgan

How off is the asking price for this house?

  • This house is WAY overpriced
  • Definitely high but not by much
  • I think this price is spot-on
  • With what it has to offer this undervalued
  • This is a steal at this price

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MyHome.ie: 10 St. Kevin’s Park, Stillorgan

Wanted some opinions as to what this house is ‘Really’ worth.
4 Bed Semi-Detached, 127 m² / 1367 ft², BER: E1
€460k asking.

This house is as executor sale and is in ‘old’ condition, basically in need of a complete over-haul. It does have the essentials though: Location (it’s billed as Stillorgan but is definitely Kilmacud), Direction (back garden faces south) and land area (it’s on a big plot for a South Dublin Semi).

We like the house but with all the work that it needs and the fact that it’s not in Blackrock, we think it’s more like €360k - €385k but reckon it’s probably the usual scenario where the beneficairies fighting over how big a slice of the pie they want and not realising that the pie isn’t that big!

Is this not a 4 bed end of terrace as opposed to a semi-d?

Whats the difference?

The price I would be prepared to pay.

Let me rephrase the question: why would there be a different price depending on whether it was an EOT or a semi-D?

Personally, I would perceive terraced houses to be cheaper and less desirable than semi’s, obviously with exceptions, but in normal middle-class estates like this anyway. While EOT and Semi-D’s are similar by definition, being part of a terraced row rather than being attached to only one house makes semi-d’s more attractive, however its not a huge thing. This house isn’t overpriced for an EOT, its just overpriced full stop.

For me the most important things would be side access and privacy which presumably would be the same whether EOT or Semi-D. However, maybe a Semi D indicates lower density housing which could affect price.

It looks like an old council house. Does anyone know the history of theses houses?

Current offer is €430k!

I voted “Definitely high but not by much”

Called them Yesterday morning and the going was at €480k