10 Wilfrid Terrace, Harold's Cross (-346k, -39%)

Was 895k then 750k


Now 690k


Now 675k

Now 595k


Looks like a doer-upper.

Now 549k


Hi Guys, I dont know where you get your info from but this property is not under CAB investigation. Maybe you would be better off buying a decent newspaper instead of posting such tripe. The house looks like it has dropped in value like thousands of other properties in the country. The house is not a doer upper as quoted recently. If you did your homework properly like I did you would see it is in walk in condition having been completely refurbished. I would strongly recommend the property pin team to review the quote about CAB on side bar of this website. I know this country has freedom of speech but hey, sometimes I wish there was more restrictions as to what is allowed to be placed on the net.

The house is NOT under CAB investigation, and there is no suggestion that it is.

What you’re reading is the ‘status’ of the poster. Some people are ‘under CAB investigation’, others are 'Migrants, others are ‘Homeless’, etc. It’s just fun moniker that essentially shows the total posts from the person.

Sometimes I wish there were more restrictions as to the people who are allowed on the net…

Seeing as it went sale agreed today and you seem to know a lot about this property, I don’t suppose you’d mind telling us how much it went for?

If someone got 500k plus I reckon they’ve done well congrats to the seller.

And in marked contrast to your contribution:

Of further interest … the term ‘doer-upper’ refers to the past and not the future tense … which really should be clear:

It will be interesting to see if this house actually sells or ends up adding to the inexorable rise of the daftwatch for rent graph … :unamused:

Definitely not a Four Star*** * contribution. FFS - read a little, learn a lot …

Anything else around here you’d like to apply your freedom of speech now ya see it now ya don’t sack o’ bollox to …??? :imp:

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I think it’s pretty clear that nobody was implying the house had anything to do with CAB.