10 Year Planning Permission

A company called Broadcrest Ltd has gone in for planning permission for 317 residential properties (mainly 3 and 4 bed houses) on a site on Scholarstown Road in Rathfarnham. This is great news in the context of a supply strangled market. These houses should be brought to the market as soon as possible to try to alleviate the housing crisis in Dublin. The problem is that they have applied for TEN YEAR planning permission. Does planning normally last for 5 years? To me this seems to be a speculative play and the council should not allow for that long a permission. What does everyone else on here think?

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It’s absurd. They’re looking for a CC approval for land speculation. I assume that by getting the PP, they’ll basically be able to evade any future taxation on idle land, just by having PP ?

It would be the usual; heads I win, tails you lose, Irish situation :frowning:

I’m tempted to lodge an appeal on that basis. I reckon it is worth the €20 fee