€100,000 for castle wouldn't ruin you

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Would anyone fancy this pile as a renovation project?

You’d probably need another million on top of that to get it livable though!

I was only looking at a “Grand Designs Revisited” during the week where a couple renovated a Castle in the UK which had been vacant for 40 or 50 years and they had serious overruns due to all the work involved in re-doing the stonework they ended up putting the last £100,000 on interest only :open_mouth: In the end it cost nearly as much as a barn in Sligo!

Yea, but would you rather have a barn in Sligo, or a castle?

I’d rather have common sense and not buy a pile of rubble or build at super-inflated prices during an economic bubble. Both ideas are equally insane in this day and age


Why build something in keeping with the castle’s original character when you can knock it and build this:


I’m holding out for a scrappage scheme on castles…

my word, shocker

Well it doesn’t even have planning permission at the moment for the restoration, so I’d imagine it could be tough being allowed to build a WAG palace.