100 days. Concrete Achievements.

There’s another thread to comment on FG/LAB and how they’re doing.

What I’d like is for a concrete list of the 100 day changes.

So Far :

Acts of the Oireachtas

ONE. The Road Traffic Act No.7

oireachtas.ie/ViewDoc.asp?Do … tID=87&m=a

Finance No.2 is very close but won’t make it.

Statutory Instruments : Lots but most of them are routine.

Any others ?

Achievements ?
Apart from showing they have necks like a jockey’s bollix ?

What happened to getting rid of the quangos? Is this still on the table? 100 days and nothing has really changed.

there are less Dáil committees from 22 down to 14

no but nearly there with finance act





no but a report has been ordered. due in the autumn.

no - 2 left on BoI board


Yes! Nyberg report published (and findings were rejected by commentators and public because he had the nerve to suggest that Irish people were responsible for their own maniac actions)


Partly: senior public servants not yet touched




No (but chairmen of boards will go before oireachtas).






not yet

yes! I think he replaced them with civil servants.

not yet


yes. initiated!

21 not done
4 done:
car pooling for ministers, HSE board replaced with sir humphreys, discussion with doctors initiated, Nyberg report published.


mr.agent, well put together post but you seem to be ignoring the fact that we have a coalition government in that you are measuring performance against the Five Point Plan instead of the Programme for Government. Alot of legislation has been delayed by the volume of stuff that has to be passed as a requirement under the MOU. The HSE board in place now is an interim one.

The reversal in the minimum wage, reduction in employers PRSI and a lower VAT rate on the tourism sector will all come into effect from 1st July, so not quite within the 100 days but not bad.

There may well be two pre September '08 people at BOI but I can’t see them being there for much longer.

It makes sense to start the immunisation against cervical cancer in September when the school year starts.


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I don’t think labour stopped them from doing any of these 100 day targets they just didn’t get it together.

the programme for government is a complete joke. there are no targets or deadlines. Everything is couched in ambiguous language. It is a vaccuous brochure. A pale copy of the IMF programme, which itself is based on the FF 4 year plan from Nov 2010.

Kenny reminded us at the press conference today that although he can’t reveal any of the December budget he can say in the clearest terms that income tax will not rise. But income tax will go up in December 2011 and Dec 2012 in line with the imf programme. Either he knows this and he is hoping that when people see their take home pay drop in Jan 2012 that they will not consider it an income tax rise or else Enda doesn’t know that he has agreed to raise income tax in December. Which is it?

I doubt there will be much dissatisfaction with this government until next january when everyone sees their pay packet shrink.

Well surely that’s more for Noonan to figure out depending on how things look towards the end of the year. A reduction in take home pay while likely does not only have to come about vie income tax increases. A pay-cut with the taxes left alone would have the same effect. Stating the obvious and nit-picking but there it is.

After the hundred days, but a first step:

Not a concrete achievement yet but signs of quango quashing to come :

irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 41860.html

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They are just doing what they are told to do by their IMF / EU paymasters .

Irrelevant. With the majority the government has it can sit 24/7 to ram stuff through. The only 2 things slowing it down were

1; lack of parliamentary draughtsmen but most of the bills restored to the list could have been slammed through.

  1. new Seanad… but as I said we had what 30-40 days to slam stuff through the old one, and there is currently fuck-all business waiting in the committees ( we are finally starting to see some light )

As I said, CONCRETE achievements. So far it’s the same as FF.