103 The Elms, Mount Merrion Avenue (-155k, -24%)

1998, sold for “excess €508k (£400k)”
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 49930.html

Now €650k
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=5 … rch=1&ea=1
€500/sq ft

Great location, but as it’s an apartment I’d be surprised if it sells for anything over €500k (and thats being generous).
I’d normally put a lower price on it, but the size suggests that its possible to live there permanently.

Anyone else surprised how expensive this was in 1998? I mean, that’s a pre-bubble half a mill.

There was a very small supply of this type of property in 1998. It was still extremely expensive. You certainly could have bought a good 4 bed house in the same area for a similar price.

Now 495k
€380/sq foot

Can a mod move this to price drops?