104A Upper Kilmacud - €1m - possibly worst build ever?

I’d be interested to get some views on this one…looks like builder decided to dispense with architect or designer, and the building itself was poor. some of the photos are horrific

This bad boy: daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=403212 ?

yeah, sorry thought I posted the link. the pictures are horrific.

This forum is for price drops (or changes). Moving to the “Buy, Sell or Rent?” forum.

Note this property has been recorded by the Irish Property Watch website:
irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … &Site=daft

Yeah its pretty ugly but not as bad as some I have seen. Let me guess iPoker you live on this road?

1 million EURO.

What planet is this person living on. €250k construction costs max and €750k for the site?

Yeah its rampant around Dublin…this build a house in your side or back garden and expect a LOT of money for it. Have seen this turn sour recently whereby the people building cant sell for the price the wanted (or anywhere near it) and end up trying to rent it…which they cant do either.
Greed really is the downfall of a lot of people!

Lovely view of a fence out the sitting room window :unamused:

I wish I found this more surprising than I do.
Just one more seller that can’t let go of yesterday.

“Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away,
now it looks as though they’re here to stay,
Oh I believe, in Yesterday.”


Some of the bedroom photos have that distinctive Irish Penthouse (ie attic conversion) look about them. And what million euro pad would be complete without a box room.

Question for someone out there in the building/architecture/ EA professions - When exactly does an attic conversion qualify as a “room”. Someone suggested on another thread that over half the room has to have 8 ft ceilings? Another suggested it’s to do with fire escape routes? Anyone know for sure?

It just seems to me that a lot of EAs are telling porkie-pies about attic rooms, making the house seem bigger, expanding the total square footage etc.

Agreed that there are a lot of these houses stuck in measly corner sites - there are several half-built ones near where I live with not much activity. There are a couple more on the market for ludicrous prices that they will never achieve (brand new family house with a postage stamp of a garden for over a mill, anyone?)

Another symptom of the madness…

Wondered about this myself. It would seem that you need to have minimum headroom and get planning for the conversion to describe it as a bedroom.


Is it my eyesight or are they the smallest upstairs windows? Must have got a job-lot of them from another build and just threw them in.

environ.ie/en/Publications/D … 657,en.pdf

floor area which has more than1500mm to the ceiling qualifies as floor area, subject to the proviso that at least 50% of the room has a ceiling height of 2400mm or greater as a percentage of the room with a ceiling height of 1500mm or greater.

Wow, that was quick. Now removed from Daft.

Right - which one of ye savvy feckers bought it? Own up!

now for rent:

That was quick!

So someone bought it, tried to rent it, and now has it up for sale. Possibly the worst BTL investor ever.


Or the original owner first tried to sell it, then tried to rent it, then tried to sell it again.