107 Leinster Road, Rathmines (-2350k, -73.4%)

3.2m to 3m, courtesy of the IT property supplement


advertised at 3m on:

Available for rent at €3,750 per month:daft.ie/2940968

According to the following article this house sold at auction in 2005:

What is this fetish with marble ???

It’s a lovely house, but with our climate covering every bloody surface with marble is going to make it like a feckin morgue for most of the year…!!

Form must follow function !, how goddamned hard is that to comprehend ?

now asking 850K

irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 12584.html

Why would an EA, knowing that one of their properties was going to get showcased in the Irish Times, not go to the ‘trouble’ of uploading it to their own website and to myhome.ie etc.??
What a waste of an opportunity. If I was the vendor I’d be going mad.
Unless there is some sort of EA secret tactic I’m not aware of…!

Just sheer and utter laziness

This is owned by Pat Fitzharris - dublincity.ie/swiftlg/apas/r … ID=6069/05

For more on him, see irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 75042.html

It has been rented for a number of years and is quite shabby superficially. It has been touted by various estate agents for the last few months.

The villa style layout means the bedrooms are awkward.

The back garden is long and narrow but nowhere near the alleged size.

The quoted price is just less than 300 per square foot and is a new low for a house that would not take too much to clean it up.

Leinster Road is quite bare and a lot of the houses are still rented. It is nearer the Harold’s Cross end than the Rathmines end.

Dean and his colleagues’s property disposals via receiver have been covered here:




Bare, barren, uninviting, bleak, no sense of a neighborhood. No shops or parks nearby. Just a personal view.

As far as I am aware, the section to the right as you face the house was added later. The bedroom off the reception room and the shower room off it on the first floor are there because it was probably designed for rental and this forms a separate unit.

I lived in a flat on this road towards the rathmines end, far as I am aware most of the
houses are split into flats or used for some commercial use, I think there is few family homes on leinster road. But I would say that the goergian/victorian architecture of these houses has become very popular these days for family homes. The houses as far as I know on the road have big back gardens and decent size front gardens. I can’t see anybody buying a house on this road to keep them inflats, i dont see how it would make financial sense, any house in flats coming up for sale on this road I think will be brought with the view to turn into a family home, I don’t know how long it will take to happen but maybe in 20 years time I think lenister road might be charterised by road that well off familys live on.

yet 900k on here


Offer in at 800K. Reasonable? It is quite a large house with good off-street parking and a large is narrow and tapering back garden.

Lovely house. If I lived in Dublin, I’d love it, were it not for the price, which I couldn’t afford (but which is not unreasonable) and also for the fact that the dining room and the kitchen are on two separate floors. As someone who likes to have people in for dinner, that wouldn’t suit me.

In a conversation I had with an EA about another property, I am sure, they said this property had an offer of €900. Maybe I misheard, maybe it was a slip of the tongue on their part (god forbid they were talking the market up!).

Never been in the property but it seems decentish value at €750-€800 but probably a bit pricey at €900. If the spec. inside is really good, I guess one could add a bit more to the lower range.

Sale Agreed
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1801451

Sold for 880,000.

72.5% drop from original price of 3.2 million.

287 a square foot for a fully renovated house with offstreet parking.

No bouncing cats here.