108 & 138 Waterville Terrace, Waterville (-60k, -19%)

Both were 310k


Now both are 285k


Price still quoted as “EXCESS 315,000” in text of second ad.
Lloyd Daly & Associates are really earning their money there.

Now both are 270k

Now both are 250k

Purchase price was 226K in 2003. On the way back there I’d say.

launched in 2001 apparently:
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 292928.asp

throwing the amounts into the Euro - Irish Pound Calculator here:

the prices were originally €186,652 with the two penthouses costing €252,678

Not these numbers, these were launched in 2003 and ready in 2004. These were the final phase in Waterville @ 226K for a ground floor 2 bed.