11 Crofton Avenue, Dun Laoghaire

800k → 695k → 595k
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Just dropped 675k → 625k
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4 Bed Terraced House 203 m² / 2185 ft², BER G
€286/sq ft

I remember seeing this before on the pin. Decent price per sq ft, just like late 2012 again. But it’s wonky with that master bed over the lane. It ruins the proportions entirely. But a good location for a dart commuter. Parking isn’t so good there. Access to the sea is a bit of a walk in either direction. And the views from inside aren’t good. Get a good survey if you’re thinking of buying!

This has been around for ages. Hardly a great walk from the sea - both piers a brisk walk.

Problem is parking and outdoor space. Almost would suit conversion to three units - not a home.

Interesting price point though.