11 Fernhill Park, Terenure (-125k, -18.5%)

Was 675k

google.ie/url?sa=t&source=we … kJNvWq08Wg

Now 550k


I don’t know about the Terenure address: An Post says

11 Fernhill Park
Dublin 12

Is there a website or something that tells you this?

It’d be handy to have a site like that to consult for addresses.

An Post : Verify an Address

address.anpost.ie/precisionaddre … spost.aspx

My God, €550k. Time was prices like this looked normal. Nowadays, we all realise just how much money it is.

IMO this house - in a nice area that is a step above working class but below middle class - is still no less than 40% overpriced.

Now €310k:myhome.ie/390839

This area is actually Perrystown.

The gaff next door to my Mam’s (v close to the one in this thread) was recently valued at £300k.

Factor in another 5% drop this year, and hopefully they’ll be around the 250 mark sometime next year. It’s very much needed to bring a bit of youth back into the area. The local boozers (Pines and Laurels) are running at bare capacity, the regulars are just dying off and many younger people couldn’t afford to live in the area.

And they plonk the house in the middle of Drimnagh.

I did find where the street was (isn’t it amazing how far the tenticles of Terenure stretch in EA land?)

They will probably take at least 10% less than the stated 310 so this is probably closer to 275 in reality so the 250 price is probably very close.


sale agreed