11 Lissadel Grove, Seabury, Malahide (-58k, 17.6%)

The cheapest Seabury 3 bed semi by a long shot
Very determined sellers. Dropping by 10k every couple of weeks

The next cheapest 3 bed Seabury semi is 35K (13%) more

10 October 2011
* Price changed: from ‘€280,000’ to ‘€270,000’
29 September 2011
* Price changed: from ‘€290,000’ to ‘€280,000’
03 September 2011
* Price changed: from ‘€310,000’ to ‘€290,000’
12 July 2011
* Price changed: from ‘€328,000’ to ‘€310,000’
16 May 2011
* Price changed: from ‘€1,500 Monthly’ to ‘€328,000’

Figure 1k a month @ 5% yield puts value at 240k so 270k asking is now in the ballpark. And you’d be nuts to pay more than that for Seabury. Unfortunately for the owner the agent is an imbecile. Malahide is only starting to see significant falls in asking prices, there are still a ton of overpriced properties on the market.

Agree that I can’t see the likes of seabury falling below 200/210k, but it’s not exactly central to Malahide and the dart either.

That flooring they have down in the sitting room is gross. Auugh, it’d just have to go.

looks small, must be around 90 m2

Have a look at Street View and pan around 90 degrees to the right…
(If you’re too lazy to do that, I’ll tell you there’s a very ugly development just over the wall)


Why? Because Malahide is different? Houses in this aging shoebox labyrinth will hit 150K before this whole business plays out.

Have to agree with that. Have dealt with him a few times and found him very difficult to deal with. He told me last year that I would never buy a house in Malahide for under 300K. Well he can eat his hat now. Hope gits like him wake up and smell the coffee one day.

Amen to that, he is a tool, and worse - arrogant, and pretending it’s 2006. I can see houses like this down near 200k

Gross is an understatement what the hell is it?! Lino?! RED lino?!

First things first would be to rip that up for sure!

Wonder will he drop this another 10k in another month/4weeks … seems to be a bit of a trend…

We have a realistic seller here it seems, which I welcome. The Malahide/Portmarnock area is littered with bone-headed vendors, too slow to adjust to the new reality, chasing the moving target of market value all the way down, but never catching it.

Agree about the agent, his suits dont fool me - a plank. That is one horrible development beside it to have to look at

Sale Agreed: 07 November 2011