11 Meadowbank, Bushy Park Road, Rathgar (-169k, +51.8%)

Sold in 2011 for 326k
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On the market again, price just went 460k → 495k
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3 Bed Terraced House 90 m² / 969 ft², BER E1
€510/sq ft

Quick correction to the rate of increase which is actually 51.84%. The starting point is the old selling price of €326k. Then you take the increase in the asking price compared to the previous sale (€495k - €326k) to give an increase of €169k. Then divide the increase by the old sale price (€169/€326) to give an increase in price of 51.84%.

Seems above what I thought market growth was. Any idea whether the old sale was too cheap, whether the new owners added significant value by extending / remodelling or whether it is just how the market is going?

Also, did this property go sale agreed before Christmas on the old asking of €460k?

50%+ growth in the past 3 years around that area is the case unfortunately…FG did want to see house prices go up

Apologies, I’ve corrected the %age increase in the thread title.

Its sold according to EA. Went well over asking of 495K. No extension put on since it was bought in 2011 for 326K. Nice return for the owners. The house was modernised etc but even still…

Number 78 for sale now. Has been extended, so 1,400 st ft in total (including (illegal?) attic conversion), but only 2 beds, much smaller garden than #11 (north facing). Asking 550k. Based on recent sales, I’d say 550k is realistic asking - but will probably sell for closer to 600k.

#46, 3 bed end of terrace, 963 sq ft, south facing garden, sold for 495k

propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-191656/
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