11 Newgrove Avenue


This property was sold for auction on Thursday, it had been on the market for a good while and I heard sales had fallen through at least twice, anyone know what price was made in the end.

myhome.ie/residential/broch … -4/4091043



Needs a lot of work.
I was in two minds about noise levels given it’s directly on the road.


Could be a real money pit, don’t think that the noise would be too bad but I live beside the Dart line.


It’s a quirky space, and looks like a terrace that was combined and/or chopped-up to make different properties. The road is actually pretty quiet, though the 47 and 1 go by on a regular basis. Many houses along there have larger back gardens, but this one has a tiny terraced space to the side. That said, it’d be hard to get any more central in Sandymount…