11 Prince Edward Terrace, Blackrock -555k, -27%

Was 2.05mm
Property Description11 Prince Edward Terrace is on your left hand side, as indicated by the … Property Reference : SUP02631. Back to top. Asking Price - € 2050000 …
sherryfitz.ie/resi/buy/prope … d=278074…. - Cached

Now 1.65mm
myhome.ie/residential/search … QRWU413522

€430 per sq/ft for an absolute cracker of a house in a good location.
The only drawback is that its mid-terrace, which I’d be willing to overlook.

It doesn’t appear to have any heating?

now 1.495 -555k, -27%
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/174525

Interesting. It is a shame there is no rear access.

It’s those pesky DART line rugger-hugger chicks using their homes as ATMs again.

I think the icon is wrongly placed and its looks like full rear access on the satellite photo.

Number 4 sale agreed recently for nearly half this price! … en&ct=clnk

Due to title issues! 2 sitting tenants.

No rear access, just 100 feet of the back garden is for sale.

Re: Number 4 selling for 785k in November, there were two sitting tenants. One in the rear garage that was willing to do a deal, he was willing to buy the rear garage for 150k. The other tenant was in the basement and had been in situ since the 80’s. I don’t know what the story was with him. Looks like it is not a problem for the current owner as they have already started renovation work just a couple of months after getting the house.

So when you take the selling price of 785k - 150k for the garage you get a very large house (4,000 sq feet) in a prime location with a 100 foot long garden for 635k. You then have to do some work with the guy in the basement.

The house needed a lot of work but seemed structurally sound.

150K for the mews?

The neighbouring mews site behind 3 Prince Edward Terrace (with PP for two small houses) is for sale for 950K.

Owner would be a fool to sell for 150K. Tell him to stick the 150k, up the rent to a commercial level and sweat the tenant out. Don’t suppose the car valeting business is that lucrative. If they sell they will just find a Planning application for couple of gaffs in the back garden. Cant do anything realistic with the main house until the basement tenant moves out anyway.

what do you think a mews site is worth down a lane these days?..It’s along way from 950k
That plot has been for sale for years

In any case, if it’s worth more, then it further emphasises the difference in price between No 4 and No 11

Sale Agreed sign outside the house.