11 Slemish Road, off the Navan Road.

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This has been on the market a few weeks now.

Asking price is over the top clearly. I think between €200 and €250 per square foot is a fair price, which puts it around €300k mark or less. Thats my own view anyway. Havent seen it, the layout seems ok except for the kitchen extension, maybe a bit long and windowless…

I’d be especially interested if anyone has a view on the area, or has lived there in the past; especially what is the area like for kids…and if there any particular cons about the area (apart from traffic on the Navan Road).

Its a cul de sac which is good, but I don;t know the age profile or demographic of the area.

Obviously proximity to the park is a big plus.


I agree on €200-250 per square foot but tbh would have to veer much closer to the lower of the two numbers for off Navan Road. I’m not knocking anything particular about the area - I just think €215 pr sq ft is a fair aspiration price for this area. On the plus side it’s very close to the Phoenix Park and quite close to the city centre but otherwise doesn’t hold a lot of appeal. So €280k. Maybe less if that kitchen extension is a bit screwed up.

Thanks for that.

I think you are right re pricing.

Its a nice-ish area, nice houses, safe…but i get the sense that isnt really ‘anywhere’…its not part of a village, or an area…its between places…thats what I don’t like about it…

Incidentally, the map location on the link is wrong. The road itself is off Skreen Road (also off the Navan Road, so doesnt change your argument).

I know the road well, quiet road with recent executor sales bringing new life (pardon the pun) and younger families into the area. Huge back gardens, good proximity to city center and phoenix park on your doorstep, and on the right side of Cabra. House needs a facelift obviously. Couple of good pubs walkable, the Hole in the Wall being a favourite. Tesco and shops 1km away down the Navan road.

thanks for this…

would you have a preference for this street or Croagh Patrick Road?

Despite asking the foot iron to marry me on the actual Croagh Patrick I would go for Slemish Road, decent gaffs behind it and v quiet with easy access to Navan Rd and park. Much of a muchness in the area if you’re buying an older house.


Do you feel the sense of community is good there? Would people at one end of Croagh Patrick know people at the other end? Are there any community events? Would the local kids all go to the local schools?

Sorry for pestering you with questions.

Just to chip in with what might be a helpful pointer, if you are giving the place serious thought (and why not if the price drops a little or they are open to some serious negotiation), consider the following. The first house I owned was in an estate and now and again - once every few years - someone would call to the door or stop me if I was out the front tending to my prize rose bushes - and ask what it was like as an area to live in.

When I was househunting more recently, I did the same thing in a few places - usually by calling on a near or next door neighbour of the house I was looking at. Most people were friendly and helpful (and also thought it a bit odd, but I could care less about that) and I could quickly get a sense of whether they knew their neighbours. I just asked general questions like whether there were more renters or owners on the road, what the traffic was like for getting out the gate, were there many kids in the area, did neighbours know each other, that kind of thing. Worth a thought.

Yep, I think you are right, it needs to be done.

It’s looks like a strange shaped house and would require big updating. Big bedrooms though. At sub 280 I’d be interested.

I would not be to sure about your ability to negotiate much off the price.

My best guess is that this will sell for €330-350k.

Why do you think that?

€350k is around €280 per square foot.

We’ve just seen a much nicer house in similar condition on Hollybank Road sell for that price (per sq ft)…

What am I missing here?

Was Hollybank a terrace?
Was the garden north facing?
How long was the garden?
Did it have off street parking?

This is not an area I am very familiar with and can opnly offer an opinion