11 The Rookery, Rathfarnham (-1005k, -50%)

Was 2000k

Now 1850k

myhome.ie/residential/search … EHFU311961

this is well outside rathfarnham… In the heart of knocklyon.

here’s a similar one in 2002 looking for 950K.

archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 608528.asp

There is no chance whatsoever this will reach over €1m. Absolutely none. IMO. And although the images don’t suggest it, the house is actually in an estate, albeit a small one with a dozen or 20 similar properties.

And this is Knocklyon, which has never been Rathfarnham as far as I am aware. It used to be called Templeogue 10 or 15 years ago, but I think Knocklyon has attained it’s own area status since then. And this is unambiguously downtown Knocklyon.

Correct. I used to live in knocklyon in the estate beside. These are at the centre of knocklyon, 2 mins walk to Superquinn. Nice big houses though but €550/sq foot still is a bit OTT

Duisigh, did you know - and I am not making this up - that Beverley was originally named “Beverley Hills”…they changed it soon after building started, not sure if anyone ever had that as their actual address, but that was definitely the official name of the estate for some period of time.

And that was pre-Celtic Tiger! Shudder.

yep. Compared to the much older Delaford/Knockaire where I was ] houses Beverley is up on the hill all right, I always wondered if the cooper-flynns had anything to do with it.

Another 100k off - now 1,495mil

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -16/102021

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -16/219769

Now 995k and have changed address to the correct postal address of D16 rather that the 6W.

Nobody could have predicted that 2 years ago!

Well holy moly, Sale Agreed.

Surprised it’s clearing this high to be honest. Assuming of course it clears and at a level near-ish asking etc.

Tis back on the market, and we are now back to 6W. 6W ends the other side of Templeogue Bridge.

According to the estate agent this is sale agreed

this sold for 810K in sep 2011 as per reg.

#3 now up asking 795K

This is however in much better condition inside than the last one, or so it appears on the photos

Aaaand I just realized that it also includes a lot less land than number 11